Alex Paul

Alex Paul is an Indian music director mostly active in Malayalam cinema. The songs from Classmates, especially "Ente Khalbile Vennilavu Nee" and "Kaattadi thanalum", made him a well-known composer in 2006.

Alex Paul
OriginKerala, India
Occupation(s)Film composer, music director
Instrumentsplayback singing, harmonium
Years active2002–present

Personal lifeEdit

Alex is the son of A. M. Paul, a music artist who formed the first orchestra (in Malayalam: 'ganamela') troupe in Kochi & Philomina.[1] He is the younger brother of Lal, of the directing duo Siddique-Lal, and it was in Lal's film Chathikkatha Chanthu (2004) that Alex debuted as musical director.[1][2]He is married to Biji Alex, and has three children: Asvati Alex, Arathy Alex, and Arjun Alex.


He learnt musical instruments from Kalabhavan, Kochi. He started his own studio, where he composed music for several music albums and for TV serials. Alex made his film debut as music director with Rafi Mecartin's Chathikkatha Chanthu. At the age of 20, he started a music institute named, Tune of Hearts. When he was 29, he started a recording studio. On 14 October 2013, he started music technology institute, National Institute of Music Technology (NIMT). NIMT is recorded as the first ever "music technology" institute in India,He invented a new music therapy instrument named "Xpol Healer" in 2020,September.

Xpol Healer– a novel musical tool which uses ‘Real note’, designed for music therapy. Its prime purpose is to rejuvenate the mind, resonate with the singing cells of human body, which will enable us to be in sync with health and vitality. Human body is made up of billion of cells. They vibrate among themselves and they produce sounds to be called as singing cells. A mortal with healthy body and mind, their cells vibrate in perfect harmony and sync. This harmony can be disrupted by negative environment or lifestyle or negative emotions or illness or diseases, which eats away mental, emotional and physical health.



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