Alex Coletti was an executive producer and director for MTV Networks and is now an independent producer. A Brooklyn native and graduate of Brooklyn College, he produced MTV's Unplugged series, was a five-time producer of the VMAs and served as a producer for the Super Bowl XXXV Halftime show.[1] These shows included many iconic moments such as the Britney Spears/Madonna, Kiss (band), the 500 Eminems, and Britney's carrying of a yellow python.

He has been nominated for 3 Emmy Awards for his work with Unplugged.[2]

Coletti has been named executive producer of the 2007 Brick Awards, the first televised award show for people changing the world. In 2009 his production company, Alex Coletti Productions, was responsible for the Sundance Channel show "Spectacle: Elvis Costello With...", and several specials, including the "Radio City Christmas Spectacular Starring The Rockettes" and "The National Christmas Tree Lighting."

Coletti was also in charge of filming Celtic Woman: Songs from the Heart at the Powerscourt Estate in Ireland in summer 2009. Alex Coletti Productions worked with Brennus Productions and Windmill Lane Post Production Studios in Ireland to film and edit the show for PBS and Celtic Woman.


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