Alex Chadwick

Alex Chadwick is an American journalist best known for his work on National Public Radio, and as a former co-host of the radio newsmagazine Day to Day.[1] He was a part of the development of NPR's Morning Edition in the 1970s and was an on-air personality on All Things Considered and Weekend Edition. Chadwick has also worked with ABC and CBS.

Alex Chadwick
Notable credit(s)
All Things Considered
Day to Day
Weekend Edition
Spouse(s)Carolyn Jensen

In January 2009, NPR laid off Chadwick. He was one of 67 employees terminated after a budget shortfall attributed to a drop in corporate underwriting in the wake of the economic crisis of 2008.[2]

Chadwick continues to do a video blog for Slate V called "Interviews, 50 cents."[3]

Chadwick received the Sigma Delta Chi Award for investigative journalism and two Lowell Thomas Awards from the Overseas Press Club for foreign reporting, and was part of the CBS News team that produced the Emmy Award- and Peabody Award-winning documentary In the Killing Fields of America.

Chadwick was married to Radio Expeditions executive producer Carolyn Jensen, who died in 2010.


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