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Alendan lake (Persian: دریاچهٔ الندان‎) is a lake with 17 hectare span located in Sari County. This lake belongs to Quaternary era and has recorded in The national index of Iran in 2015.[1][2][3]

Alendan lake
View of lake in spring
Coordinates36°13′29″N 53°27′34″E / 36.22472°N 53.45944°E / 36.22472; 53.45944Coordinates: 36°13′29″N 53°27′34″E / 36.22472°N 53.45944°E / 36.22472; 53.45944
Primary inflowsrain
Primary outflowsnone
Surface area17–30 ha (42–74 acres)
SettlementsAlendan, Sari

This lake is also called Pelle Azni because of the nearby village, Azni.[4] The best way for going the lake is through Azni village, which has a flat way to the lake. The lake has a 70 km distance from Sari and located in Sari-Semnan road. (About two hour way from Semnan)[5] The lake is 1200 m higher than sea level.[6]

This lake is the main source of water for paddy fields of near villages like Azni, Mazarostaq, Konta, Didu and Zalam.[4] However no river water comes to the lake, rain full fills the lake.[7]

In recent years, fish farming has developed in the lake.

Plenty of various trees, including carpinus betulus, oak, ulmus glabra and tilia, surrounded the lake.[8]


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