Aleksander Läte

Aleksander Läte (12 January 1860 Pikasilla, Aakre Parish, Tartu County – 8 September 1948 Tartu) was an Estonian composer, conductor and music critic. He is also known as the first Estonian professional music critic.[1]

Aleksander Läte

In 1895, he started his education at Dresden Conservatory and graduated it in choir composition speciality.[1]

On the initiative of Läte, the first Estonian symphony orchestra was founded in 1900 in Tartu.[1]

Since 1932, he led the piano factory Sprenk-Läte, located in Tartu.[1]

Since 1945, he was a member of Estonian Composers' Union.[1]


  • Five Cantatas
  • Kalevala (overture) (1901)
  • Eesti tants (for symphony orchestra, 1904)
  • Tempo di mazurka (for symphony orchestra, 1904)


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