Aleksandar Džambazov

Aleksandar Džambazov (Macedonian: Александар Џамбазов; born February 3, 1936, in the village Stapar, Vojvodina, Kingdom of Yugoslavia)[1] is a Macedonian conductor and composer. He finished Musical academy in Belgrade, and spent his work age at Macedonian Radio Television, as a conductor of the Dance and Special orchestra. Has made numerous recordings and live concerts, and has performed in North Macedonia and in many countries abroad (mostly in Slovenia). He has won many (around 50) awards.[1]

Aleksandar Džambazov


His work as a composer is much diverse. He is an author of many children's songs. He is one of the initiators and a longtime conductor of the children's festival Zlatno Slavejče in Skopje. Has written many music compositions for plays and film music ("Memento", music for the plays "Mother", "Two on a swing" etc.) and more works of classical music, among which "Seven dance variations" - for piano and orchestra (1977), "Rhapsody for Skopje" (1966) - also for piano and orchestra and many more. Has composed choral compositions, and a great number of popular melodies.


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