Adelaide of Guelders

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Adelaide of Guelders (c. 1182 – 1218) was the daughter of Count Otto I of Guelders and his wife, Richardis, the daughter of Duke Otto I of Bavaria and Agnes of Loon. Also known as Adelaide of Bellich or Alice of Guelders.

Adelaide of Guelders
Bornc. 1182
BuriedRijnsburg Abbey
Noble familyHouse of Wassenberg
Spouse(s)William I, Count of Holland
FatherOtto I, Count of Guelders
MotherRichardis of Bavaria

In 1197 in Stavoren, she married Count William I of Holland. They had five children:

  1. Floris IV (24 June 1210 in The Hague–19 July 1234 in Corbie, France), succeeded his father as Count of Holland
  2. Otto (d. 1249), Regent of Holland in 1238–1239, Bishop of Utrecht
  3. William (d. 1238), Regent of Holland in 1234–1238.
  4. Richarda (d. 1262)
  5. Ada (d. 1258), Abbess at Rijnsburg from 1239 until her death

Adelaide died in 1218, while her husband was away on the Fifth Crusade. She was buried in Rijnsburg Abbey.