Ale (disambiguation)

Ale is a fermented alcoholic beverage.

Ale or ALE may also refer to:




Given nameEdit

  • Alê Abreu (born 1971), Brazilian film director and screenwriter
  • Ale Ahmad Suroor, Urdu poet, critic and professor from India
  • Ale de Boer (born 1987), Dutch football player
  • Ale Dee, real name Alexandre Duhaime, Canadian rapper
  • Alé Garza (born 1977), American penciler and comics artist
  • Ale González (born 1994), Spanish football player
  • Ale Möller (born 1955), Swedish musician and composer
  • Ale Smidts (born 1958), Dutch organizational theorist



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  • Ginger ale, a carbonated soft drink flavoured with ginger
  • Parish ale, an English festivity at which ale was the chief drink