Albolote is a city located in the province of Granada, Spain. It is one of the thirty-four entities which together form Granada's Metropolitan Area. It is formed by several populations: El Aire, El Chaparral, and Parque del Cubillas y Pretel. There are also several residential areas throughout the legal borders of the municipality. Inside those limits you can also find Granada's Penitential Center (Centro Penitencial de Granada, in Spanish). According to Spain's Instituto Nacional de Estadística, the city had a total population of 15,563 in 2005.

Flag of Albolote
Official seal of Albolote
Location of Albolote
Location of Albolote
Coordinates: 37°13′50″N 3°39′25″W / 37.23056°N 3.65694°W / 37.23056; -3.65694Coordinates: 37°13′50″N 3°39′25″W / 37.23056°N 3.65694°W / 37.23056; -3.65694
ComarcaVega de Granada
 • Total79 km2 (31 sq mi)
655 m (2,149 ft)
 • Total18,746
 • Density240/km2 (610/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)

On 19 April 1956, Albolote and the neighboring town of Atarfe were struck by a 5.0 Mw earthquake, Spain's most destructive of the 20th century. About a dozen people died from the earthquake and subsequent landslide, and many buildings were ruined.

The Granada metro network, scheduled to open in 2014, will provide the town with a light metro link to central Granada.


Albolote was born as a town with the arrival of the Nasrid dynasty to the Emirate of Granada. The term comes from the Arabic term 'Qaryat al-Bollut', meaning 'Oak farm-house' It was planned to be a place of rest for the troops guarding the Royal Path of Jaén. Near Albolote took place the Battle of La Higueruela on July first 1431, where king's Juan II of Castille's troops defeated the Muslim armies. This battle was illustrated at the Monastery El Escorial.

In the 17th century it changed to be an estate of Don Antonio Álvarez de Bohórquez, the first marquis de los Trujillos. In the year 1803 the king, Carlos IV gave the title of Duque de Gor to Don Nicolás Mauricio Álvarez de Bohórquez.


There are four rivers which flow through Albolote: Juncaril, Colomera, Cubillas, and Magon. It is also worth mentioning the Cubillas reservoir, dedicated both to leisure and water reserve.


Albolote enjoys a mediterranean climate: fresh winters and hot summers. There's a great thermic oscillation varying up to 20 °C in a single day. Most of the rain falls during winter, meaning it scarcely rains throughout the summer.

Climatic parameters in Albolote
Month Jan Feb Mar April May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Annual
Maximum temperature (°C) 13.0 15.3 18.6 20.1 24.6 30.0 34.4 33.9 29.4 22.7 17.2 13.5 22.7
Average temperature (°C) 6.7 8.5 11.0 12.8 16.8 21.4 24.8 24.5 20.9 15.5 10.7 7.6 15.1
Average minimum temperature


0.3 1.8 3.4 5.6 9.0 12.9 15.2 15.0 12.4 8.2 4.2 1.8 7.5
Total precipitations (mm) 41 38 30 38 28 17 4 3 16 42 48 53 357
Font: Metereological State Agency of Spain


According to the Instituto Nacional de Estadística de España, in the year 2014 Albolote had 18,306 inhabitants.


These are the results for the last elections in Albolote:

Town Hall Albolote 2015
Politic Group Votos %Valid Charges obtained
Partido Popular (PP) 2.623 29,60% 6
Partido Socialista Obrero Español (PSOE) 2.3363 26,67% 5
Izquierda Unida- Ganemos Albolote para la Gente (PG) 1.530 17,27% 3
Ciudadanos- Partido de la ciudadanía (C's) 1.160 13,09% 2
Agrupación Electoral Ganar Albolote (GA) 709 8% 1


In Albolote a lot of important roads converge: autovías A-44 that joins Jaen with Granada and its cost-with the A-92, between Almeria and Sevilla. It also stands out the future Segunda circunvalación de Granada (GR-30), that is currently under construction. This road will join Albolote and Alhendin without the need to cross through the center of Granada, with the relieve that this will suppose to the vehicles that come from Ciudad Real and Jaén to the costa mediterránea in Granada.

The principal roads are:

Identificator Denomination Itinerary
A-44 Autovía de Sierra Nevada Bailén – Motril
GR-30 Segunda circunvalación de Granada Albolote – Alhendín
A-92 Autovía A-92 Sevilla – Almería
N-323a Carretera de Sierra Nevada Bailén – Motril
A-4076 'Carretera de Colomera' Parque del Cubillas -Colomera
GR-3417 De Maracena a Santa Fe por

Albolote y Atarfe5

Maracena – Santa Fe
GR-3419 'De A-44 a GR-3424'5 El Chaparral -Güevéjar
GR-3423 De A-44 a Iznalloz5 Deifontes – Iznalloz


Albolote has a bus service run by Granada's consortium:

Line 122 (Granada-Maracena-Albolote-Atarfe)

Line 123 (Granada-Albolote por Carretera de Jaén)

Line 117 (Granada-Pantano de Cubillas)


The metro in Granada runs through Albolote in Line 1, however the metro is still not working.

Public servicesEdit


Albolote has a basic zone of healthcare, inside the sanitary district of Granada. The town has a healthcare center in the streat Alfonso XIII Nº7, and a medical consultory in the town of Chaparral.


The town has 13 education centers where there is education for people of all ages:

Generic Denomination 'Name' 'Nature' 'Address'
Education center for adults S.E.P. "Albolut" Public Doctor Burgos Canals, 6
Education center for adults C.E.P. "Concepción Arenal" Public Ctra. de Colomera km. 16,5
Private educational institute Colegio "Ave María" Private Jacobo Camarero, 3
Private pre-school education center E.I. "Anaki" Private Baza, parcela 345. P.I. Juncaril
Private pre-school education center E.I. "Galopín" Private Fray Bartolomé de las Casas, 4
Private pre-school education center E.I. "Loma Verde" Private Av. de las Acacias, s/n. Urbanización Loma Verde
Private pre-school education center E.I. "Nenes" Private Doctor Laureano Vázquez, 4, locales 7 y 8
Primary school C.E.I.P. "Abadía" Public Abadía, 36
Primary school C.E.I.P. "San Isidro Labrador" Public Av. de las Acacias, s/n. El Chaparral
Primary school C.E.I.P. "Tínar" Public Tínar, 46
Pre-school E.I. "El Parque" Public Doctor Burgos Canals, s/n
Pre-school E.I. "Francisco Lucilo de Carvajal" Public Doctor Burgos Canals, 8
Secondary Education institute I.E.S. "Aricel" Public Aricel, s/n


The popular celebrations are held during the first weekend of August beginning in Thursday. These celebrations are in honor of the saint of the town, the Holly Christ of Health.


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