Alberto Palacio

Alberto de Palacio y Elissague (1856-1939) was a Spanish engineer and architect born in Sare (Northern Basque Country) and grown up in Gordexola.[1]

Monument to Palacio in front of his Transporter Bridge
Atocha station, Madrid

He studied architecture in Barcelona and completed his education in Paris, studying mathematics, engineering, astronomy and medicine.[2] He was also a student & disciple of Gustave Eiffel.


Bridge of Biscay, the first transporter bridge

Between 1890 and 1893,[2] he worked, together with his brother Silvestre de Palacio (engineer), on his most important project, the transporter bridge ("Puente Colgante") on the Nervion river, between Portugalete and Getxo (Biscay), for which he gained international recognition. It was the first bridge of this kind ever built.

All his work is characterized for the search of the functionality and the innovation, where iron and glass play a noticeable role.[2] He passed long seasons of work in Madrid[2] where he:


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