Albert I, Count of Namur

Albert I (died ca. 1011) was the son of Robert I, Count of Lomme. He became Count of Namur in 998.

He married Ermengarde, daughter of Charles, Duke of Lower Lorraine, and had the following sons:

There are some doubts about the correct list of his daughters, as there are two very different lists given in two primary documents.[1]

The "Genealogia ex Stirpe Sancti Arnulfi" lists:[2]

  • Count Albert
  • Hadewide
  • Emma of Looz

The "Vita Arnulfi Episcopi Suessioniensis" lists (as siblings of one of the Counts named Albert of Namur, whose parents are not named):[3]

  • Count Albert
  • Liutgard mother of Emmon Count of Looz, and his brother Otto.
  • Goda
  • Ermengarde

A 3rd relevant source is the Gesta of Sint-Truiden Abbey which also named Countess Ermengarde having a daughter named Lutgarde who married a Count Otto of Loon and was mother to Bishop Balderic II of Liège, brother of Count Giselbert of Loon. As Jean Baerten and other authors have pointed out, this is chronologically impossible, though it is possible Lutgarde could be mother of Emmo and Otto.[4]

Liutgarde and Emma, both with a connection to Looz, are sometimes therefore thought to represent a garbled account of the same person.



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