Albert Samuel Gatschet

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Albert Samuel Gatschet (October 3, 1832, Beatenberg, Canton of Bern – March 16, 1907) was a Swiss-American ethnologist who trained as a linguist in the universities of Bern and Berlin. He later moved to the United States and settled there in order to study Native American languages, in which field he was a pioneer.

Albert Samuel Gatschet

In 1877 he became an ethnologist with the US Geological Survey. In 1879 he became a member of the Bureau of American Ethnology, which was part of the Smithsonian Institution.

Gatschet published his observations of the Karankawa people of Texas. His study of the Klamath people located in present-day Oregon, published in 1890, is recognized as outstanding. In 1902 Gatschet was elected as a member of the American Antiquarian Society, whose members were studying ancient and historic peoples.[1]


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