Albanian Land Force

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The Albanian Land Force (Albanian: Forca Tokësore të Republikës së Shqipërisë) is a branch of the Albanian Armed Forces.

Albanian Land Force
Forca Tokësore
Albanian Land forces.svg
Founded2000; 20 years ago (2000)
Country Albania
RoleNational Defense
Size8,500 (2015)[1]
Motto(s)Fatherland, Honour, And Duty
President of AlbaniaIlir Meta
Minister of DefenseOlta Xhaçka
Chief of the Albanian General StaffBrig. Gen.
Bardhyl Kollçaku
Commander of the Land ForcesBrig. Gen.
Albert Mullai
Identification symbolAlbanian Land Forces insignia.svg


The Albanian Land Force's main mission is the defense of the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Albania, participation in humanitarian, combat, non-combat and peace support operations.[2]


A British Royal Marine posing with an Albanian Commando (right), both showing their shoulder patches

Land Force is a priority unit in the structure of the Armed Forces. Land Force was established on August 29, 2000, and included military units with traditions and rich multi-year activity, spread across the territory of the Republic of Albania. In 2000 the Land Force included five infantry divisions with 55 brigades and 300 battalions deployed in 167 different regions of the country. During its continuous reform, the Land Force underwent new changes. In 2006 it was dissolved and the Joint Force Command was established. In the context of the ongoing transformation of the Armed Forces, based on the concept of an army small in number, operational and professional, on 9 December 2009 the Land Force was re-established on the basis of Rapid Reaction Brigade and Commando Regiment.

Based on the constitutional mission, the Land Force was involved in a process of profound transformation according to Western military concepts, and with the transition of the entire force from a conscript military service into a professional army, its operational level has increased. The structures of Land Force have been engaged in Peace Support Operations in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Iraq, Chad and currently in Herat and Kandahar, Afghanistan. Land Force has the major share in peacekeeping operations in the framework of NATO, UN and EU. The Land Force is managed by young qualified leaders educated in military schools of NATO countries, as in the United States, Italy, Turkey, Germany, United Kingdom, Austria, etc., based on cooperation projects with these countries.

Land Force is engaged in civil emergency operations to help the community in cases of natural disasters, such as floods and blocked roads, and aid in distribution in cases of heavy snowfalls, fire suppression operations, etc.

Since its establishment the Land Force has been led by experienced commanders. From 2000-06 it was headed by Maj. Gen. Kostaq Karoli; from 2006-08 it was led by Brig. Gen. Shpëtim Spahiu; from 2008-August 2012 by Brig. Gen. Viktor Berdo. From August 2012 to November 2013 it has been commanded by Maj. Gen. Zyber Dushku. Since 11 November 2013, Maj. Gen. Jeronim Bazo has been Chief of Staff.


Organizational divisions of the land force include:

Specific tasksEdit

  • Maintaining and developing capacities to provide a high level of readiness.
  • Continuous and sufficient training to deal with the tasks that might be assigned to it.
  • Assisting the community in cases of humanitarian emergencies; supporting search and rescue operations.
  • Cooperating with other national institutions in preventing illegal trafficking, smuggling of people and conventional weapons in Albania.
  • Training and participating with troops in peace support missions in the framework of NATO, EU and UN.



Assault Rifles, Battle Rifles and CarbinesEdit

In 2014, Minister of Defense Kodheli announced that Albania would transition from the Kalashnikov family of rifles to the M4 family, in part because of the association of the Kalashnikov with terrorism.[3]

Model Image Caliber Origin Note
M4 carbine   5.56×45mm   United States The Colt M4, alongside the Beretta AR70/90, have become the standard weapon of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Albania replacing the different models of AK[4]
AKM   7.62×39mm   Albania Phased out in favor of the M4 and the Beretta AR70/90.[4]
ASH-78 Tip-1   7.62×39mm   Albania Phased out in favor of the M4 and the Beretta AR70/90.[4]
Beretta ARX160   5.56×45mm   Italy Used by Albanian special forces (BFS), RENEA and Military Police. Standard issue with 5.000 units delivered in 2017.[5]

Pistol and Submachine gunsEdit

Model Image Caliber Origin Note
Beretta Px4 Storm   9×19mm   Italy Standard issue[6]
P8 Pistol   9×19mm   Germany Limited use in the B.O.S.[7]
P12 Pistol   .45 ACP   Germany Limited use in the B.O.S.[7]
Beretta 92   9×19mm   Italy In use with the B.O.S.[8]
HK MP5   9×19mm   Germany Standard SMG in the B.O.S[9]
HK MP7   HK 4.6×30mm   Germany Limited use in the B.O.S. Mostly used by the RENEA, the Albanian police[7][9]
HK UMP   .45 ACP   Germany Limited use in the B.O.S.[9]

Sniper RiflesEdit

Model Image Caliber Origin Note
Sako TRG   .308 Winchester   Finland Used by the Army, RENEA and B.O.S[10]
Barrett M99   .50 BMG   United States Used by B.O.S and RENEA[11]

Machine GunsEdit

Model Image Caliber Origin Note
Heckler & Koch MG4   5.56×45 NATO   Germany The Commando Battalion was the first unit seen to use it in an exercise hel in late December 2015.It was also seen used by 2nd Infantry Battalion during exercises it participated in Poland. It will be used as a squad machinegun of the army[12]
DSHKM   12.7×108mm   Albania/  China DSHKM is used as Close AA gun also on APCs, MBTs, transport vehicles and some times on patrol boats.[13]
RPD machine gun     Albania/  Soviet Union Phased out in favor of the H&K MG4/MG5[citation needed]

Anti Tank weapons and MANPADSEdit

Image Caliber Origin Note
Soviet RPG-7 and Chinese Type 69   40 mm   Soviet Union/  China Soviet and Chinese version is still used in the army[13]
Strela-2   72 mm   China/  Soviet Union [citation needed]
HJ-8   120 mm   Last seen in 2007 parade[14]


Model Image Caliber Origin Note
82mm   82mm   Albania 370[citation needed]
M-120   120mm   Israel 750[citation needed]
M-43   160mm   Russia 20 stocked for museum purposes

Armoured VehiclesEdit


Model Image Caliber Origin Note
Iveco VM 90   Armoured vehicle   Italy Template:250
Iveco LMV   Armoured Vehicle   Italy 23 (+2 to be delivered by the end of 2017 alongside 5000 AR70/90 rifles from Italy. Also, Albania has shown interest in acquiring a further 120 vehicles of this type by the end of 2019 and 40 8x8 vehicles from Italy.)[16][17]
MRAP   Armoured Vehicle   United States 40 (further to arrive after missions in Afghanistan are completed)[citation needed]


Model Image Type Origin Notes
Eurocopter AS532 Cougar Multi-role   France 4
Eurocopter EC145 Utility   France 3
Bell 204/205 Utility   Italy 4
Bell 206 Utility   Italy 2
Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk Attack   United States 3
AgustaWestland AW109 Utility   Italy 2
AgustaWestland AW139 Attack   Italy 1
MBB Bo 105 Utility   Germany 15


Model Image Type Origin Notes
Type-59   Main Battle Tank   China 721 Type 59 delivered by China from 1966–1975, today none in working condition and all in storage for scrap or for selling.


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