Albanian List (Montenegro)

The Albanian List (Albanian: Lista Shqiptare; Montenegrin: Албанска листа, Albanska lista) is a conservative Albanian minority interests political alliance in Montenegro, composed of the Albanian Alternative of Nik Gjeloshaj and FORCA of Nazif Cungu.


The alliance was formed by New Democratic Force (Forca) and the Albanian Alternative (AA), its also supported by minor Albanian Coalition "Perspective" and the Democratic League of Albanians (DSA), prior to the 2020 parliamentary election.[1]

The Forca and AA, jointly with Democratic Union of Albanians (DUA), had contested the 2016 parliamentary elections as part of "Albanians Decisively", winning a single seat.[2] Incumbent Mayor of Tuzi, Nik Gjeloshaj (AA), will head the coalition electoral list at the parliamentary election in August 2020.[3] Coalition received 1.58% of the vote, winning one seat.