Albacete Provincial Museum

The Albacete Provincial Museum (Museo Provincial de Albacete) is a museum of archeology and fine art located in Albacete, Spain. The museum has existed in various incarnations since 1927, and settled in its present building in Abelardo Sánchez Park in 1978. Its exhibits emphasize the development of regional civilization and art, and the museum is divided into subsections for archeology, fine arts, and ethnology. It was declared Bien de Interés Cultural in 1962.[citation needed]

Albacete Provincial Museum
Native name
Spanish: Museo Provincial de Albacete
Museo de Albacete.JPG
LocationAlbacete, Spain
Coordinates38°59′11″N 1°51′21″W / 38.986442°N 1.855897°W / 38.986442; -1.855897Coordinates: 38°59′11″N 1°51′21″W / 38.986442°N 1.855897°W / 38.986442; -1.855897
Official name: Museo Provincial de Albacete
Reference no.RI-51-0001301
Albacete Provincial Museum is located in Spain
Albacete Provincial Museum
Location of Albacete Provincial Museum in Spain

The Joaquín Sánchez Jiménez Archaeology Museum houses a notable collection of Roman and pre-Roman artifacts. Local Paleolithic and Neolithic items are shown, as well as Roman art and tools. Iberian sculpture is featured as well.

The Benjamín Palencia fine arts section emphasizes 20th century works, and includes many pieces by local contemporary artists.

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