Alan M. Kent (born 1967, St Austell, Cornwall) is a Cornish poet,[1] dramatist, novelist, editor, academic and teacher. He is the author of a number of works on Cornish and Anglo-Cornish literature.


In August 1997 The Times reported that poems by Kent had copied from the Scottish Gaelic language poet Derick Thomson. Kent had apparently copied a number of poems and just changed the names of places and people, locating them in Cornwall, instead of Scotland.[2][better source needed]

Selected worksEdit

Academic workEdit

  • Kent, A.M., 1996, ‘“Art Thou of Cornish Crew?”: Shakespeare, Henry V and Cornish Identity’, in Payton P., ed., Cornish Studies Four, Exeter, University of Exeter Press, pp 7-25. ISBN 0859895238
  • Kent, A.M., 1998, Wives, Mothers and Sisters: Feminism, Literature and Women Writers in Cornwall, Penzance, The Patten Press in association with The Hypatia Trust. ISBN 9781872229331
  • Kent, A.M., 1999, ‘“At the Far End of England…”: Construction of Cornwall in Children’s Literature’, in Whetter J.C.A., ed., An Baner Kernewek / The Cornish Banner, No. 98, Gorran Haven, Lyfrow Trelyspen Publications.
  • Kent, A.M., 2000, The Literature of Cornwall: Continuity, Identity, Difference 1000-2000, Bristol, Redcliffe. ISBN 1900178281
  • Kent, A.M., 2002, Pulp Methodism: The Lives and Literature of Silas, Joseph and Salome Hocking, St. Austell, Cornish Hillside Publications. ISBN 9781900147248
  • Kent, A.M., 2002, ‘“In Some State…”: A Decade of the Literature and Literary Studies of Cornwall’, in Payton P., ed., Cornish Studies Ten, Exeter, University of Exeter Press, pp 212-239. ISBN 0859897338
  • Kent, A.M., 2003, ‘Screening Kernow: Authenticity, Heritage and the Representation of Cornwall in Film and Television’, 1913-2003, in Payton P., ed., Cornish Studies Eleven, Exeter, University of Exeter Press, pp 110-141. ISBN 0859897478
  • Kent, A.M., 2004, ‘“Drill Cores”: A Newly-Found Manuscript of Cousin Jack Narratives from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, USA’, in Payton P., ed., Cornish Studies Twelve, Exeter, University of Exeter Press, pp 106-143. ISBN 0859897567
  • Kent, A.M., 2004, ‘Song of Our Motherland’: Making Meaning of the Life and Work of Katherine Lee Jenner 1853-1936, in Williams D.R., Henry and Katherine Jenner: A Celebration of Cornwall’s Culture, Language and Identity, London, Francis Boutle Publishers.
  • Kent, A.M., 2005, ‘Scatting it t’lerrups: Provisional Notes Towards Alternative Methodologies in Language and Literary Studies in Cornwall’, in Payton P., ed., Cornish Studies Thirteen, Exeter, University of Exeter Press, pp. 23-52. ISBN 0859897710
  • Kent, A.M., 2006, ‘“Bringin’ the Dunkey Down from the Carn”: Cornu-English in Context 1549-2005 – A Provisional Analysis’, in Tristram H.L.C., The Celtic Englishes III: The Interface between English and the Celtic Languages, Potsdam, Potsdam University Press.
  • Kent, A.M., 2007, ‘“Mozeying on down…”: The Cornish Language in America’, in Tristram H.L.C., The Celtic Englishes IV: The Interface between English and the Celtic Languages, Potsdam, Potsdam University Press. ISBN 9783939469063
  • Kent, A.M., 2007, ‘Some ancientry that lingers: Dissent, difference and dialect in the Cornish and Cornu-English Literature of Robert Morton Nance’, in Thomas P.W., and Williams D., eds, Setting Cornwall on its Feet: Robert Morton Nance 1873-1959, London, Francis Boutle, pp 98-152. ISBN 9781903427347
  • Kent, A.M., 2007, ‘Alex Parks, Punks and Pipers: Towards a History of Popular Music in Cornwall 1967-2007’, in Payton P., ed., Cornish Studies Fifteen, Exeter, University of Exeter Press, pp 209-247. ISBN 9780859898089
  • Kent, A.M., 2009, ‘Mending the gap in the Medieval, Modern and Post-modern in New Cornish Studies: ‘Celtic’ materialism and the potential of presentism’, in Payton P., Cornish Studies Twenty, Exeter, Exeter University Press, pp. 13-31. ISBN 9780859898744
  • Kent, A.M., 2009, ‘A Sustainable Literature? Ecocriticism, Environment and a New Eden in Cornwall’s China-Clay Mining Region’, in Payton P., Cornish Studies Seventeen, Exeter, Exeter University Press, pp. 51-79. ISBN 9780859898492
  • Kent, A.M., 2010, The Theatre of Cornwall: Space, Place and Performance, Bristol, Redcliffe/Westcliffe Books. ISBN 9781904537991
  • Kent, A.M., 2012, From Igraine Ingrained to Callin’ ‘ome Mouzel: Two Paradigms of Memory, Language and Literature in Cornwall, in Garry Tregidga, Memory, Place and Identity: The Cultural Landscapes of Cornwall, London, Francis Boutle Publishers. ISBN 9781903427736
  • Beard A,. Kent, A.M., 2012, AQA English Literature B AS Second Edition, Cheltenham, Nelson Thornes Ltd. ISBN 9781408515334
  • Kent, A.M., Staunton M,. 2013, Towards a Cornish Philosophy: Values, Thought, and Language for the West Britons in the Twenty-First Century, Cathair na Mart, Evertype. ISBN 9781782010456

Editorial workEdit

  • Kent, A.M., Saunders T,. eds. and trs., 2000, Looking at the Mermaid: A Reader in Cornish Literature 900-1900, London, Francis Boutle Publishers. ISBN 9781903427019
  • Hale A., Kent, A.M., Saunders T,. eds., 2000, Inside Merlin’s Cave: a Cornish Arthurian Reader, London, Francis Boutle Publishers. ISBN 978190342704 0
  • Kent, A.M., ed., 2000, Voices from West Barbary: An Anthology of Anglo-Cornish Poetry, 1549-1928, London, Francis Boutle Publishers. ISBN 9780953238880
  • Hurst, J., Kent, A.M., Symons, A.C., eds., 2003, The Awakening: Poems Newly Found by Jack Clemo. London, Francis Boutle Publishers. ISBN 9781903427170
  • Kent, A.M., ed., 2005, The Dreamt Sea: An Anthology of Anglo-Cornish Poetry 1928-2004. London, Francis Boutle Publishers. ISBN 9781903427224
  • Kent, A.M., McKinney G., eds., 2008, The Busy Earth: A Reader in Global Cornish Literature 1700-2000, St. Austell, Cornish Hillside Publications. ISBN 9781900147484
  • Kent, A.M., ed., 2009, Charles Valentine Le Grice: Cornwall’s ‘Lost’ Romantic Poet, Selected Poems, St. Austell, Lyonesse Press. ISBN 9781898795155
  • Kent, A.M., Williams D.R., 2010, The Francis Boutle Book of Cornish Short Stories, London, Francis Boutle Publishers. ISBN 9781903427552
  • Kent, A.M., ed., 2010, Four Modern Cornish Plays, London, Francis Boutle Publishers. ISBN 9781903427576
  • Kent, A.M., ed., 2013, Charles Causley Theatre Works, London, Francis Boutle Publishers. ISBN 9781903427774

Other works on Cornwall and the CornishEdit

  • Kent, A.M., 2004, Cousin Jack’s Mouth-Organ: Travels in Cornish America, St. Austell, Cornish Hillside Publications. ISBN 9781900147378
  • Kent, A.M., Merrifield D.L.J., 2004, The Book of Probus: Cornwall’s Garden Parish, Tiverton, Halsgrove. ISBN 9781841143279
  • Kent, A.M., Beare J., 2012, Celtic Cornwall: Penwith, West Cornwall & Scilly, Wellington, Halsgrove. ISBN 9780857040787

Creative writing - PoetryEdit

  • Kent, A.M., 1994, Grunge, St Austell, Lyonesse Press. ISBN 9781898795001
  • Kent, A.M., Hodge P., 1995, Out of the Ordinalia, St. Austell, Lyonesse Press. ISBN 9781898795018
  • Kent, A.M., Hodge, P., Biscoe B,. 1995, Modern Cornish Poets/Berdh Arnowydh Kernewek, St. Austell, Lyonesse Press. ISBN 9781898795025
  • Kent, A.M., 2002, The Hensbarrow Homilies, Penzance, The Hypatia Trust. ISBN 978-1872229447
  • Kent, A.M., 2002, Love and Seaweed, St. Austell, Lyonesse Press. ISBN 9781898795117
  • Kent, A.M., trs, 2005, Ordinalia: The Cornish Mystery Play Cycle – A Verse Translation, London, Francis Boutle Publishers. 978-1903427279
  • Kent, A.M., 2005, Assassin of Grammar, Penzance, Hypatia Publications. ISBN 9781872229560
  • Kent, A.M., 2006, Stannary Parliament, St. Austell, Lyonesse Press. ISBN 9781898795124
  • Kent, A.M., 2008, Druid Offsetting, St. Austell, Lyonesse Press. ISBN 9781898795094
  • Kent, A.M., 2010, The Hope of Place: Selected Poems in English 1990-2010. London, Francis Boutle Publishers. ISBN 9781903427637

Creative writing - PlaysEdit

Anthony Payne is the subject of Alan M. Kent's play Oogly Es Sin.
  • Kent, A.M., 2006, Nativitas Christi / The Nativity: A New Cornish Mystery Play, London, Francis Boutle Publishers. ISBN 9781903427316
  • Kent, A.M., 2007, Oogly Es Sin: The Lamentable Ballad of Anthony Payne, Cornish Giant, London, Francis Boutle Publishers. ISBN 9781903427385
  • Kent, A.M., 2008, 2012, The Tin Violin, The adventures of Joseph Emidy: A Cornish tale, London, Francis Boutle Publishers. ISBN 9781903427422
  • Kent, A.M., 2009, Surfing Tommies: A Cornish Tragedy, London, Francis Boutle Publishers. ISBN 9781903427484
  • Kent, A.M., 2010, A Mere Interlude, London, Francis Boutle Publishers. ISBN 9781903427569

Creative writing - NovelsEdit

  • Kent, A.M., 1991, Clay, Launceston, Amigo Books ISBN 1872416012
  • Kent, A.M., 1996, Yowann and the Knot of Time, St. Austell, Lyonesse Press Ltd. ISBN 1898795037
  • Kent, A.M., 2005, Proper Job, Charlie Curnow! Tiverton, Halsgrove. ISBN 9781841144887
  • Kent, A.M., 2007, Electric Pastyland, Wellington, Halgrove. ISBN 9780955647727
  • Kent, A.M., Williams N., tr., 2010, The Cult of Relics: Devocyon dhe Greryow, Cathair na Mart, Evertype. Hardback ISBN 9781904808411
  • Kent, A.M., Williams N., tr., 2011, The Cult of Relics: Devocyon dhe Greryow, Cathair na Mart, Evertype. Paperback ISBN 9781904808794
  • Kent, A.M., 2011, Voodoo Pilchard, Wellington, Halgrove. ISBN 9781906551278
  • Kent, A.M., 2012, Voog’s Ocean, Wellington, Ryelands Publishing ISBN 9781906551353

Creative writing - Children's LiteratureEdit

  • Kent, A.M., Cailes G,. Kennedy N,. 2011, Beast of Bodmin Moor, Cathair na Mart, Evertype. ISBN 9781904808770


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