Alan Flusser

Alan J. Flusser (born 16 May 1945) is an American author and designer of men's clothing. He owns and operates Alan Flusser Custom in New York City.[1][2]

Early life and educationEdit

Flusser was born in West Orange, New Jersey. In 1979 he founded Alan Flusser Designs. He is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania.[3]


In 1985 he launched Alan Flusser Custom which focuses on custom and made-to-measure suits.

Flusser designed the wardrobe for Gordon Gekko[4] (played by Michael Douglas) in Wall Street and designed clothing for the films Barbarians at the Gate, Scent of a Woman, and American Psycho (film) starring Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman.[5]


Flusser had huge influence on popular culture through movies that today have cult following, most notably Wall Street and American Psycho. He played a major role in promotion of style inspired by 1930s, which is today accepted as a golden age of men’s fashion. In his own words:

"For the first time American men realized that clothing should not be worn to hide the natural lines of the body, but, rather, to conform to them, thereby enhancing he male physique. At the same time, clothes should not be too obvious. Instead, they had to become part of the man who was wearing them. The idea of clothing was not to set the man apart (as had been the case for centuries, when kings and noblemen dressed primarily to accomplish just that) but to allow him to be an individual among individuals…. Americans had finally learned that the goal of good clothing was to flatter rather than be conspicuous."[6]

Flusser book "Dressing the Man: Mastering the Art of Permanent Fashion," is one of most influential sartorial books[citation needed].


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Awards and honorsEdit

Flusser won the 1983 Coty Award as Top Menswear Designer,[7] and received the Cutty Sark Award in 1987.[8]


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