Alan Edmonds

Arthur Denis Edmonds (1932[1] – September 13, 2004), better known by his pseudonym Alan Edmonds, was a reporter for newspapers, magazines, and television. Edmonds was born in England. He was a reporter on Fleet Street in London, England and after the war, immigrated to Canada, first to Vancouver, British Columbia, and, then Toronto.[1] He wrote for the Toronto Star, among others, and subsequently for Maclean's Magazine,[1] where he was the Senior Editor at one point. He wrote a number of articles while at Macleans, among them one on Steven Truscott. He wrote a number of books as well, among them, Journey to the Edge of the World, which was a scrutiny of a research vessel plying the waters of Canada's far north. He was on-air talent, writer and producer for the highly successful CTV program Live It Up![2]

He died on September 13, 2004, of liver disease.[3]


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