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The Alabama Hall of Fame was established by Act of Alabama No. 646 (1951) to recognize "worthy citizens of the state who rendered outstanding service or who won fame on account of their achievements as to make them exceptional in the history of Alabama". Its membership consists of people considered to be instrumental to the history of the state of Alabama, as selected by a nine-member board. The board was dissolved in 1990.[1]



Name Image Birth–Death Year Area of achievement
Clement Comer Clay   (1789–1866) 1953 statesman
Samuel Dale   (1772–1841) 1953 pioneer frontiersman
William Crawford Gorgas   (1854–1920) 1953 Surgeon General of the United States Army
John Tyler Morgan   (1824–1927) 1953 United States Senator
Daniel Pratt   (1799–1873) 1953 industrialist
Raphael Semmes   (1809–1877) 1953 naval commander, captain of the CSS Alabama
James Marion Sims   (1813–1883) 1953 pioneering gynecologist
Eugene Allen Smith   (1841–1927) 1953 geologist
Julia Strudwick Tutwiler   (1841–1916) 1953 educator, reformer
Joseph Wheeler   (1836–1906) 1953 military commander, politician
Robert Lee Bullard   (1861–1947) 1954 World War I military commander
George Washington Stone   (1811–1894) 1954 judge
John Allan Wyeth   (1845–1922) 1954 physician, educator
Braxton Bragg Comer   (1848–1927) 1955 industrialist, statesman
John Pelham   (1838–1863) 1955 soldier
Booker Taliaferro Washington   (1856–1915) 1955 educator, author
Charles Allen Cary (1861–1935) 1957 pioneer veterinarian
Walter Lynwood Fleming (1874–1932) 1957 educator, historian
Oscar Wilder Underwood   (1862–1929) 1957 United States congressman
Evan Frank Allison (1865–1937) 1961 conservationist
Augusta Jane Evans Wilson   (1835–1909) 1961 author
Jerome Cochrane   (1831–1896) 1961 public health officer
William Luther Sibert   (1860–1935) 1961 engineer, soldier
Peter Bryce   (1834–1892) 1965 pioneer psychiatrist
Seale Harris (1870–1957) 1965 physician, medical journal editor
Charles A. Boswell (1916–1995) 1972 World War II hero, blind golf champion

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