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Ala or Alaa (Arabic: علاء ‘alā’) is an Arabic male given name meaning "elevation, exaltedness, highness, loftiness, sublimity" or "honor and glory, might, power, dignity" or "prestige, greatness, noble, high in rank" or "eminence, glorious, grandeur" or "high in position and status". However, the name could be used as a female given name.

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  • à la, French for 'in the style/manner of' commonly used in English
  • Al-Ala, the 87th chapter of the Qur'an
  • Ala Industrial Zone, Iran, a village
  • Ala dağları, a mountain range in the Taurus chain, Turkey
  • Ala railway station, Pakistan
  • Allah, Arabic name for God
  • Alaâ, Tunisia, a town in Kairouan Governorate, Tunisia