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Al Zawiya University

The University of Zawia (Arabic: جامعة الزاوية‎, romanizedJamaa't Azzawia, previously known as Seventh of April University) is a university located in the city of Zawiya, Libya.[1] It was established as an independent university in 1988.[2] The campus is six kilometres south of the city centre,[3] and serves the Zawiya, Jafara and Nuqat al Khams districts.[3]


In 1983, University of Tripoli established a branch of their College of Education in Zawia.[3] In 1988, the institution was established as an independent university, called the Seventh of April University, with separate administration and funding.[3][4] The reference to 7 April was officially described by the university as referring to "the great student event on the seventh of April 1976".[2][3] On 7 April 1976, student protests took place in Tripoli and Benghazi protesting against human rights, calling for a civilian government and free and fair elections. Counterdemonstrations took place on the same day and "many students were detained for months". The date of 7 April was used from the first anniversay on 7 April 1977 and annually to the late 1980s as a date for public executions in Libya in reference to the "great student event". The Organizing Committee for the April Demonstration called the usage of the 7 April anniversary as a "trademark" of Muammar Gaddafi's government.[5]

The university was renamed in 2011,[6] the year of the Libyan Revolution that overthrew Gaddafi, as the University of Zawia.[7]


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