Al Safa FC

Al-Safa Club is one of the sports clubs competing in Saudi Arabia and Saudi Football Association's Second Division. The club's headquarters are located in the Safwa City in the Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia near Dammam and King Fahd International Airport. The facilities of Al-Safa club have been built to the highest standards and include international standard football pitch with an international track and field, swimming pool, indoor volleyball, handball and basketball hall, outdoor tennis, volleyball, handball and basketball courts in addition to a full facility gym and indoor squash courts.

Full nameAl Safa Sports Club
Founded1 January 1947; 73 years ago (1947-01-01)
GroundAl-Safa Club Stadium, Safwa
ChairmanSameer Mohammed Al-Nasir
LeagueSaudi Second Division
2015–16Group A, 8th place
WebsiteClub website

The club competes in ten different sports in Saudi Arabia on the youth and adult levels. These are: Football, Track and field, Handball, Volleyball, Basketball, Squash, Tennis, Table Tennis, Swimming and Bodybuilding. The sports club members have reached highest levels in Saudi Arabia's competitions and have represented the country with the national teams in world cups/ championships and in the Olympic Games.

The club has also multicultural participations in Theatre, Photography, Arts and general training and development.


Al-Safa Club was founded in 1947 under the name of "Al-Safa Football Team". And when the Ministry of Interior in Saudi Arabia organized the establishments of sports teams, a special committee visited Safwa city and officially registered the team as a sports club that is officially registered and regulated under the General Presidency of Youth Welfare (GPYF) in Saudi Arabia.

Al-Safa ManagementEdit

Several presidents have been elected to chair the club in the past fifty years. The most famous are:

1- Ahmed Saleh Al-Habib 2- Ali Ahmed Al-Mousa 3- Khoder Al-Ibrahim 4- Sameer Mohammed Al-Nasir (Current President)

Current Board MembersEdit

The current board of directors of the club was elected on November 8, 2015 at the general assembly meeting. The assembly elected the president and eight (8) board members as follows:

President and Chairman of the Board Sameer Mohammed Al-Nasir
Vice President, Board Member Dheya Hashim Al-Asaad
Secretary General, Board Member Mohammed Abdullah Ghallab
Treasurer, Board Member Hussain Ali Al-Marhoon
Sports Committee Chairman, Board Member Yahya Al-Marhoon
Social Committee Chairman, Board Member Abas Mohammed Al-Sadiq
Youth Committee Chairman, Board Member Ali Mohammed Al-Nasir
Media Center Head, Board Member Abdullah Al-Said
Continuous Development Committee Chairman, Board Member Ali Hussain Al-Nasier

Sports AccomplishmentsEdit

Al-Safa Club champions have accomplished several high achievements on the single and team games at the local and international levels. Some of these are listed below


After almost 60 years in the third division, Al-Safa football team was able to win the third division's league in 2011 and qualified to the second division. The team didn't stay long in the second division and was able to qualify to the Saudi's League first division for professionals in 2014 for the first time in History.

Championship Position President Team Captain Team Manager
Saudi's League Third Division First Place   Sameer Al-Nasir   Mofeed Salah   Redha Al-Janabi
Saudi's League Second Division Second Place   Ali Al-Mousa   Habib Al-Ahmad   Redha Al-Janabi


In Athletics, Al-Safa Club has produced many champions on the local and international levels. The most famous of them all is the Asian Long Jum record holder Mohammed Al-Khuwalidi who owns the Asian record of 8.48 (List of Asian records in athletics) m in long Jump that he was able to achieve in France in 2006. The other athletics champions who also participated in the World's Championship and/ or the Olympic games include: Asem Al-Hizam in Decathlon, Abdullah Taher in High Jump, Hashim Al-Shorafa in 400 meters and Hussain Asem in Pole Vault

The Saudi records are registered under Al-Safa champions in the following:

Name[1] Game Saudi Record
 Mohammed Al-Khuwalidi Long Jump 8.48 Meter
  Hussain Asem Al-Hizam Pole Vault 5.60 meter


In swimming, the most famous Saudi swimmer in history (Alawi Maki) is the dominant figure in the club. Alawi was the first Saudi and Middle Eastern swimming who successfully crossed the English Channel between UK and France. He broke the English Channel crossing record and accompanied him in this achievement the late Saleh Ajaj, Malik Shaker, Fakher Al-Sadah, Saeed Quraish and the current club's vice president Dheya Al-Asaad.[2]


Al-Safa club is one of Saudi's best teams in Handball. The team has accomplished several advanced positions in the league and club and the team members participated with the Saudi National Team in world cup several times. Among those who participated in the world cup: Hashim Al-Shorafa, Ali AL-Dawood, Bashir Qurainawi, Mohammed Al-Zayer, Hussain Henabi and Mohammed Nasfan.

Championship[3] Position Team's Captain
Prince Sultan Bin Fahad Cup 1998 Second Place   Hashim Al-Shorafa
Prince Faisal Elite Cup 2002 Third Place Bashir Qurainawi


Al-Safa club remained for several decades among the best three clubs in volleyball in Saudi (in addition to Al-Ahli and Al-Hilal). Several Team players have participated with the national Saudi team including: Nouri Al-Sadah, Abdulkarim Al-Fraid, Yahya Al-Marhoon and Faiz Al-Dawood.


In Squash, Al-Safa team is one of the best teams in Saudi Arabia. The players have participated with the national Saudi team in the regional and international competitions. Among those: Fadi Henabi, Akram Al-Safwani, Ali Quraish and Hussain Al-Sadiq

Current squadEdit

As of Saudi Third Division:

No Position Player Nation
1 Goalkeeper Ahmed Al-Khadrawi   Saudi Arabia
2 Defender Redha Al-Mubarak   Saudi Arabia
3 Defender Saif Al-Haroon   Saudi Arabia
5 Defender Emad Al-Tarooti   Saudi Arabia
6 Midfielder Rakan Hawsawi   Saudi Arabia
7 Midfielder Ali Al-Sultan   Saudi Arabia
9 Forward Hamza Messaadi   Tunisia
10 Midfielder Ahmed Al Farid   Saudi Arabia
11 Defender Hassan Al Salim   Saudi Arabia
13 Defender Abdulaziz Marhabi   Saudi Arabia
14 Forward Mohammed Ishak   Niger
15 Midfielder Mohammed Al-Dahi   Saudi Arabia
16 Defender Hani Al Hani   Saudi Arabia
17 Midfielder Nawaf Al-Sharari   Saudi Arabia
20 Midfielder Abdulmajeed Haddadi   Saudi Arabia
21 Defender Haider Al-Thunayan   Saudi Arabia
22 Goalkeeper Hassan Al-Ahsaei   Saudi Arabia
24 Goalkeeper Ali Al-Mukhtar   Saudi Arabia
26 Midfielder Mahdi Al-Mousa   Saudi Arabia
27 Midfielder Salman Al-Hariri   Saudi Arabia
30 Midfielder Slim Ben Belgacem   Tunisia
32 Defender Mortadha Awkhik   Saudi Arabia
77 Defender Hassan Al-Traidi   Saudi Arabia
87 Forward Ali Al Eid   Saudi Arabia
90 Midfielder Habib Al Ahmed   Saudi Arabia
92 Midfielder Mojtaba Al-Khulaif   Saudi Arabia
99 Forward Khaled Al-Najrani   Saudi Arabia


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