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Al Luqta (Arabic: اللقطة‎) is a district of Al Rayyan City in Qatar, located in the municipality of Al Rayyan.[3]

Al Luqta

Al Luqta is located in Qatar
Al Luqta
Al Luqta
Coordinates: 25°18′39″N 51°27′54″E / 25.3107°N 51.4651°E / 25.3107; 51.4651Coordinates: 25°18′39″N 51°27′54″E / 25.3107°N 51.4651°E / 25.3107; 51.4651
MunicipalityAl Rayyan
ZoneZone 52
District no.60
 • Total2.0 km2 (0.8 sq mi)
Elevation23 m (75 ft)
Tailor shopping complex in Al Luqta
Uprooted palm trees at Makkah Street in Al Luqta


The district's name originates from the Arabic word "luqeet", which is the term designated for an abandoned infant whose parents have not been identified. At the time of its naming, the district was situated in an isolated and largely unknown area, thus, its name is figurative for its geographic location.[4]


The districts of Al Shagub to the west and Gharrafat Al Rayyan to the north-west host Education City as well as other facilities belonging to Qatar Foundation.[4]


J.G. Lorimer mentioned Al Luqta in 1908 in his Gazetteer of the Persian Gulf, remarking that it appeared to be one of the only seven villages in Qatar that had sizable date palm plantations.[5]


  • Chinese Health Centre (Ladies Branch) on Al Rayhan Street.[4]
  • Syrian American Medical Centre on Al Luqta Street.[4]
  • Dar Mona Hassan Al Benali Quran Learning for Women on Sahat Al Beday Street.[4]
  • Ministry of Education Training Centre on Uhud Street.
  • Hejen Racing Committee, the country's camel racing authority, has its headquarters on Al Diyaa Street.[4]
  • Al Luqta Weaponry Museum on Al Maha Street.[4] The Weaponry Museum features around 2,300 distinct firearms, swords and daggers, some of which belong to former members of the ruling family of Qatar. Also included among the exhibits are weapons dating back to the Ottoman era and Persian-style rifles.[6]
  • Al Luqta Children's Park on the corner of Al Maha Street and Al Najah Street. It has two playgrounds, a cafeteria, a prayer room, and an administrative building.[7][8]


The following schools are located in Al Luqta:

Name of School Curriculum Grade Genders Official Website Ref
Omar Bin Al Khattab Secondary School Qatari Secondary Male-only N/A [4]
Tunisian School in Doha Tunisian Kindergarten – Secondary Both Official website [4]
Royal Kids Nursery British Kindergarten Both N/A [9]
Swiss International School of Qatar Swiss Kindergarten – Secondary Both Official website [10]
The Syrian School in Qatar Syrian Kindergarten – Secondary Both N/A [11]
Al Furqan Elementary Boys School Qatari Primary Male-only N/A [4]
Al Furqan Preparatory Boys School Qatari Secondary Male-only N/A [4]


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