Al Ayam is a daily Sudanese newspaper.[1] It is the oldest independent newspaper in Sudan.[2]

Al Ayam was founded by Mahjoub Mohamed Salih in 1958.[2] Twice closed by the Sudanese government during the 1960s, it became a product of it in 1970.[2] Salih did not publish it again until 1986.[2] It was again closed from 1989 to 2000.[2] In 2004, it was again closed, primarily for its reporting on the crisis in Darfur.[3] The Sudanese minister of justice ordered prosecutors in March 2004 to end indefinite closure of newspapers without trial.[3] Nevertheless, Al-Ayamreported instances of harassment by security forces in 2006.[3]

As of 2011, Al-Ayam had a daily circulation of 18,000 to 20,000 copies per day.[3]


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