Al-Sinaa Sport club (Arabic: نادي الصناعة الرياضي‎, lit.'Industry SC') is a football club based in Thawra District, East Districts of the Tigris River, Baghdad, that plays in Iraqi Premier League.

Al-Sinaa SC
Al-Sinaa Sport Club Logo.png
Full nameAl-Sinaa Sport club
Founded1965; 56 years ago (1965)
GroundAl-Sinaa Stadium
ChairmanAmmar Abdullah Al-Janabi
ManagerSadeq Hanoon
LeagueIraqi Premier League
2020–21Iraq Division One, 1st of 28 (promoted)


Premier League Play OverviewEdit

Al-Sinaa started playing in the Iraqi Premier League since the start of the championship in the 1974–75 season,[1] and lasted for 23 consecutive seasons, before being relegated to the Iraq Division One in the 1997–98 season,[2] but the team returned to play in the Premier League in the 2000–01 season,[3] and in the 2010–11 season they got third place in the league,[4] but was relegated to the Iraq Division One again in the 2012–13 season,[5] then returned in the 2015–16 season, but was relegated from the league in the same season after it fell to the bottom of the overall standings of the teams.[6]

2020–21 SeasonEdit

After qualifying for the preliminary round, Al-Sinaa played in the 2020-21 Iraq Division One, 13 matches without losing, winning 11, drawing 2, gaining 35 points and taking first place in Group 2, and qualified for the Iraqi Premier League, led by coach Sadeq Hanoon.[7][8] In the final match, the team beat Newroz 1-0 to become the champion of the Iraq Division One.[9]

Current technical staffEdit

Position Name Nationality
Head coach: Sadeq Hanoon  
Assistant coach: Sameeh Sabeeh  
Assistant coach: Talib Freeh  
Goalkeeping coach: Dhiaa Jabbar  
Team Manager: Mohammed Hadi  

Updated to match played 23 October 2020
Source: Al-Sinaa website

Managerial historyEdit





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