Al-Mansur Fakhr-ad-Din Uthman

Al-Malik al-Mansur Fakhr ad-Din Uthman ibn Jàqmaq, more simply known as Al-Mansur Uthman (Arabic: المنصور فخر الدين عثمان بن جقمق‎, al-Malik al-Mansur Fahr ad-Dīn ʿ Uthman ibn Jaqmaq) was Sultan of Cairo's Mamluk Burji dynasty (1453).

Al-Mansur Fakhr-ad-Din Uthman
Sultan of Egypt and Syria
Reign1 February − 15 March 1453
PredecessorSayf ad-Din Jaqmaq
SuccessorSayf ad-Din Inal
Diedafter 1453

At 80 years old, the death of Sultan Jaqmaq allowed his son, Uthman (fathered from a Greek slave) to take the title of Al-Malik al-Mansur Fakhr ad-Din Uthman. His father named him Uthman after the House of Osman to celebrate the Ottoman victory against the European Christians at the Battle of Varna. At the beginning of his reign, he was whipped by his principal minister. After disputes with Amir on the amount of donations to various groups of Mamelukes that had become a burden, street battles ensued between the groups of Mamelukes. Inal al-Ajrud group and the Mamluks house Barquq occupied Kalat al-Djabal (Fortelesa the Mount). He was nominated as Sultan as the Abbasid Caliph of Cairo and four -kadi the Kudat with the title of al-Malik al-Ashraf al-Din Sayda. Uthman had no support and because of his behavior was deposed.

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