Al-Jamiatul Islamiah Azizul Uloom Babunagar

Al-Jamiatul Islamiah Azizul Uloom Babunagar (Arabic: الجامعة الإسلامية عزيز العلوم بابونغر), also known as Babunagar Madrasah (Bengali: বাবুনগর মাদ্রাসা), is one of the well-known Qawmi madrasahs[2][3][4] in Chittagong.[5] Established in 1924, situated at Babunagar, Fatikchhari, there are at present about 3000 students acquiring education.

Al-Jamiatul Islamiah Azizul Uloom Babunagar
বাবুনগর মাদ্রাসা
TypeIslamic university
ChancellorMuhibbullah Babunagari[1]
Academic staff
70 (Total)
StudentsAround 3000

Education patternEdit

Al-Jamiatul Islamiah Azizul Uloom Babunagar being one of the oldest Jamiahs in Bangladesh offers the students Islamic education from the very initial stage up to the highest level. It also offers Specialization (Equivalent to Phd) in different subjects to the students who has successfully completed Takmil (MA).[6]

Notable alumniEdit


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