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Al-Bu`si, Busi (Arabic: البعسيBu`sī), or the Bu`si Sheikhdom (Arabic: مشيخة البعسيMashyakhat al-Bu`sī), was a small state in the British Aden Protectorate. Its last sheikh was deposed in 1967 upon the founding of the People's Republic of South Yemen and the area is now part of the Republic of Yemen.[1]

Bu`si Sheikdom
مشيخة البعسي
State of the Protectorate of South Arabia

18th century–1967
Location of Al-Bu`si
Map of the Federation of South Arabia
Government Sheikhdom
Historical era 20th century
 •  Established 18th century
 •  Disestablished 1967



Al-Bu`si is one of the most obscure of the five sheikhdoms of Upper Yafa. Located in a mountainous area it was part nominally of the Western Aden Protectorate, although no treaty is known. The Al-Bu`si Sheikhdom did not join the Federation of South Arabia, but was nominally part of the Protectorate of South Arabia.[2] The Sheikh of Bu`si has been recorded as one of the rulers of South Arabian states under British protection attending the second Lahej conference in 1930.[3]

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