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Al-Ashtar Brigades

The al-Ashtar Brigades (Saraya al-Ashtar, named after Malik al-Ashtar[2]) is a Shiite militant group in Bahrain designated as a terrorist organization by the governments of Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and the United States.[2]

Al-Ashtar Brigades
سرايا الأشتر
Participant in the Shia insurgency in Bahrain
Area of operationsBahrain
Allies Iran (claimed by Bahraini gov.)
 Hezbollah (claimed by Bahraini gov.)
Opponent(s) Bahrain

Terrorist designationEdit

Country Date Ref
  United Kingdom 22 December 2014 [3]

In June 2017, the al-Ashtar Brigades were designated as terrorist organizations by Bahrain, Egypt, the UAE and Saudi Arabia.[2] The United States Department of State has designated the group as a terrorist organization, as of July 2018.[2][4]


The al-Ashtar Brigades has stated that it is loyal to the government of Iran, and has adopted branding consistent with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps.[5]


The group has reportedly claimed responsibility for over 20 attacks in Bahrain, primarily targeting police and security forces.[2]

The group was designated a terrorist organization by Bahrain following a bombing in Al Daih, which killed three policemen.[6]


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