Akrotiri Bay

Akrotiri Bay (Greek: Κόλπος Ακρωτηρίου, Kolpos Akrotiriou; Turkish: Limasol Körfezi) is a part of the Mediterranean Sea east of the Akrotiri Peninsula on the southern coast of the island of Cyprus. The Western Sovereign Base Area of Akrotiri and Dhekelia, a British Overseas Territory set up after Cypriot independence was gained and was unanimously agreed with the British Empire that sovereign bases could be set up for use in the event of an invasion, administered as a Sovereign Base Area, borders the bay. The city of Limassol is also located on the bay. The southern end of the bay is formed by Cape Gata.

Akrotiri Bay is located on the southern coast of Cyprus, near the city of Limassol.

Coordinates: 34°38′N 33°05′E / 34.633°N 33.083°E / 34.633; 33.083