Akpes (Àbèsàbèsì) is a dialect cluster spoken in Nigeria that forms a branch of the Volta–Niger languages. Its dialects are Akunnu, Ase, Daja, Efifa, Esuku, Gedegede, Ikorom, Ibaram and Iyani. It may be closest to the Edoid languages.[2]

Native toNigeria
RegionOndo State
Native speakers
(10,000 cited 1992)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3ibe

The ASJP 4.0 classifies Akpes as most closely related to the Ukaan language.[3]


According to Ethnologue, Akpes is spoken in:

Àbèsàbèsì is spoken in the 9 communities of Ìbaràm(ù), Ìyànì, Èkiròmì (Ìkáràm(ù), Àsẹ, Àkpès, Gèdègédé, Èṣùkù, Dája, and Ìlúdọtun.[4]


Varieties of Àbèsàbèsì are:[4]

  • Èkiròmì (spoken in Ìkáràmù and Àsẹ̀)
  • Akpes (spoken in Àkùnù and Ìlúdọ̀tun in Àjọwá)
  • Ìluẹnì (spoken in Ìbaràm(ù), Ìyànì, Gèdègédé)
  • Èṣùkù (spoken in Èṣùkù, Dája)

Names and locationsEdit

Below is a list of language names, populations, and locations from Blench (2019).[5]

Language Location(s) Alternate spellings Own name for language Endonym(s) Other names (location-based) Other names for language Speakers
Akpes cluster Ondo State, Akoko North LGA
Akpes Ondo State, Akoko North LGA, Akunnu, and Ajowa towns Akpes Akunnu
Asẹ Ondo State, Akoko North LGA, Asẹ town
Daja Ondo State, Akoko North LGA, Ajowa town Daja Daja 5,000
Efifa Ondo State, Akoko North LGA, Ajowa town
Esuku Ondo State, Akoko North LGA, Ajowa town Echuku
Gedegede Ondo State, Akoko North LGA, Gedegede town
Ibaram Ondo State, Akoko North LGA, Ibaram town
Ikorom Ondo State, Akoko North LGA, Ikaram town Ikaram Ikeram, Ikaramu 5,000–8,000 (1986)


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