Akiho Miyashiro

Akiho Miyashiro (都城 秋穂, Miyashiro Akiho, 1920 – 22 July 2008) was a Japanese geologist.

Akiho Miyashiro
Known forOphiolite studies
Paired metamorphic belts
AwardsArthur L. Day Medal (1977)
Japan Academy Prize (2002)
Scientific career
FieldsPetrology, tectonics
InstitutionsUniversity of Tokyo
Columbia University
New York State University
InfluencesNorman L. Bowen
Pentti Eskola
Reginald Aldworth Daly


Miyashiro was known for his contributions to metamorphic and igneous petrology. He also made contributions to the study of tectonics and meteorites. In the 1960s he introduced the concept of paired metamorphic belts.[1] In 1973 Miyashiro challenged the common conceptions of ophiolites and proposed an island arc origin for the famous Troodos Ophiolite in Cyprus. This was done arguing that numerous lavas and dykes in the ophiolite had calc-alkaline chemistries.[2]

Personal life and deathEdit

Miyashiro was a native of Okayama Prefecture. On the evening of 22 July 2008, Miyashiro visited a state park west of Albany, NY and remained there to take sunset pictures while his wife waited by the parking area. Police discovered his body at the base of a cliff on the 24th.[3][4]


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