Ajdovi žganci is a sort of žganci. Translated to English, it would be termed "buckwheat mush" or "buckwheat spoonbread". It is a national Slovene dish. Balthasar Hacquet (1739–1815) mentions that žganci was served with sauerkraut in Upper Carniola.[1] The oldest preparation method explains the word žganci. The word žganci is derived from the Slovenian verb žgati meaning "to burn" or "to toast".[1] Ajdovi žganci are served together with obaras, meat sauces, sauerkraut, black pudding, and/or various sausages. The ingredients may vary through different regions.

Ajdovi žganci
Ajdovi žganci with cracklings
Place of originSlovenia
Main ingredientsbuckwheat, water, salt, cracklings, oil or grease

In general the main ingredients are:

In some cases potatoes are mixed in.

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