Ajdovi žganci

Ajdovi žganci with cracklings

Ajdovi žganci is a sort of žganci. Translated to English, it would be termed "buckwheat spoonbread". It is a national Slovene dish. Balthasar Hacquet (1739–1815) mentions that žganci was served with sauerkraut in Upper Carniola.[1] The oldest preparation method explains the word žganci. The word žganci is derived from the Slovenian verb žgati meaning "to burn" or "to toast".[1] Ajdovi žganci are served together with obaras, meat sauces, sauerkraut, Black pudding, various sausages. The ingredients may vary through different regions.

In general the main ingredients are:

and in some cases potatoes are mixed in.

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