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Ajay Ohri is a data scientist and blogger in open source data science. Since 2007 he has published his blog He is the author of two books on R and one book on Python.



Ohri graduated from Delhi College of Engineering with a B.E. in Mechanical Engineering, and has a MBA from Indian Institute of Management Lucknow. In addition, he did graduate courses at University of Tennessee, Knoxville.[1]


In 2012 he wrote "R for Business Analytics[2] for Springer Publishing. The book is being translated into Chinese by Xi’an Jiaotong University Press. In 2014, he wrote Cloud Computing: An Approach for Data Scientists.[3] for Springer Publishing. In 2017 he wrote Python for R Users:A Data Science Approach"[4] for Wiley Publishing.

In addition to technology books, Ohri has authored four books on poetry. Unlike his technology books, Ohri's poetry books are self published.


Ajay Ohri began writing articles starting from CoolAvenues.[5] He also wrote many articles for[6]

He has written around 50 articles for ProgrammableWeb and many articles for KDNuggets.[7][8] Besides this, he has been cited by Wired Magazine and ReadWriteWeb for espousing a marketplace for algorithms.[9][10]

Ohri has also written on using Big Data for Developing countries for IBM Big Data Magazine.[11] He advocates a pragmatic approach to open source software including better customer service, documentation and interface.[12] Ohri has also written tutorials in both Python[13] and R.[14]He was featured in KDnuggets in A Day in the life of a Data Scientist.

His latest position is using multiple languages or polyglotism in open source analytics.[15]


An early technology writer in data science, he has interviewed John Sall,[16] Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro,[17] Jan De Leeuw,[18] Hadley Wickham,[19] Hilary Mason,[20] Usama Fayyad,[21] and Stephen L. Baker[22] among others.


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