Ajab Gayer Ajab Katha

Ajab Gayer Ajab Katha (transl.‚ÄČThe Strange Story of a Strange Village) is a Bengali comedy fantasy film directed by Tapan Sinha[1] based on a novel Nabiganjer Daityo of Sirshendu Mukhopadhyay.[2] This film was released in 1998 in the banner of Shree Venkatesh Films.[3] This was the last complete movie made by director Tapan Sinha.[4]


Birchandra, the king without kingdom lives alone in his palace at Nabiganj village. He is least bothered about his kinghood and hidden royal treasure. Few villagers take undue advantage of his indifference. One unknown bodybuilder Kinkar come in the village who lost his memory. Birchandra give him shelter. Local teacher Dukkhoharan and old priest of the village realises that some of criminals may attack Birchandra for king's treasure that is hidden below his palace.



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