Aishiyeh massacre

The Aishiyeh massacre was a massacre in 1976 in Aishiya,[2] Lebanon, of more than 70 Lebanese Christian civilians,[3] including at least 7 under the age of 16, by the Syrian backed Palestinian factions Fatah and Saika during the Lebanese Civil War. Four people were reported to be executed and one was burned alive.[1] The village was depopulated and used as Palestine Liberation Organization base of operation.[4] The Online Encyclopedia of Mass Violence estimated that at least 100 people were injured in the attack.[3]

Aishiyeh massacre
Part of Palestinian insurgency in South Lebanon
Aishiya is located in Lebanon
Aishiya (Lebanon)
LocationAishiya, Lebanon
Coordinates33°24′29.89″N 35°33′23.02″E / 33.4083028°N 35.5563944°E / 33.4083028; 35.5563944
Date19–21 October 1976
TargetLebanese Christians
Attack type
Perpetrators As-Sa'iqa

The town was attacked again by Saika on November 5, 1977, killing 41 people.[5]

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