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Copenhagen AirTaxi (CAT) is an aviation company and flight school based in Roskilde, Denmark. It provide a range of services, including operating regularly scheduled flights from Copenhagen Airport, Roskilde (ICAO: EKRK) to the Danish islands of Anholt and Læsø; managing the airfield on Anholt, and is also a major airtaxi operator in Denmark, operating from EKRK. CAT is an experienced flight school with flight training leading to a private and commercial pilots license. With large modern facilities based in Roskilde, the school trains the future generation of professional pilots in Denmark. CAT also has a large maintenance facility specialized in General Aviation aircraft.

Copenhagen AirTaxi
Copenhagen AirTaxi logo.png
2017-09-20 02 Copenhagen AirTaxi (CAT) Partenavia P.68 Observer (OY-SUR) aircraft, Kangerlussuaq Airport, Greenalnd.jpg
Copenhagen AirTaxi (CAT) Partenavia P.68 Observer (OY-SUR) operating out of Kangerlussuaq Airport, Greenland in association with AirZafari.
IATA ICAO Callsign
Fleet size19
DestinationsRoskilde, Anholt, Læsø (+charter)
HeadquartersRoskilde, Denmark
Key peopleKenneth Arly Larsen

The company was a first-mover in Europe to introduce charter flights (airtaxi) on single engine turboprop aircraft under new legislation CAT SET-IMC.[1] In 2017, CAT introduced the Pilatus PC-12 business aircraft to its fleet. The aircraft reaches destinations all over Europe, and have exceptional performance for short field operations.

The scheduled route between Roskilde – Anholt – Læsø is operated by a 10-seat Britten-Norman BN-2 Islander, but this may be substituted or augmented with one of the company's 6-seat Partenavia P.68's

Aircraft FleetEdit

For use by the resident flight school, airtaxi, scheduled flights or for rental purposes, the company has a fleet including:

Copenhagen AirTaxi's fleet
Aircraft In operation Passengers Additional
Socata TB9 Tampico 4 4/5 Flight school, rental
Socata TB10 Tobago 2 4/5 Flight school, rental, sightseeing
Socata TB20 Trinidad 1 4 Flight school, rental, sightseeing
Cessna 172 1 4 Flight school, rental, sightseeing
Partenavia P68 5 6 Flight school, airtaxi, scheduled flights
Britten-Norman Islander BN2 2 10 Airtaxi, scheduled flights, sightseeing
Robinson 44 1 4 Flight school, sightseeing
Pilatus PC-12 4 8 Airtaxi
Total 19

Scheduled destinationsEdit

As of May 2019 CAT operates to:

  • Roskilde
  • Læsø
  • Anholt


AirZafari is a Greenlandic aviation company whose primary business is sightseeing-flying. The company was founded in 2011[2] and is operated on the AOC certificate of Copenhagen AirTaxi.


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