Aioi Station (Hyōgo)

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Aioi Station (相生駅, Aioi-eki) is a railway station in Aioi, Hyōgo, Japan, operated by West Japan Railway Company (JR West).

Aioi Station

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LocationAioi, Hyōgo
Coordinates34°49′05″N 134°28′26″E / 34.817938°N 134.473915°E / 34.817938; 134.473915Coordinates: 34°49′05″N 134°28′26″E / 34.817938°N 134.473915°E / 34.817938; 134.473915
Operated byJR logo (west).svg JR West
Aioi Station is located in Japan
Aioi Station
Aioi Station
Location within Japan



Aioi Station has three tracks for the Sanyo and Ako lines (Number 1 to 3) and two for the Shinkansen line. The ticket barrier is on the second floor, as are the two exit (South and North). The Sanyo Main Line tracks are on first floor, the Shinkansen tracks are on third floor.

Adjacent stationsEdit

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Sanyō Main Line
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Tatsuno   Special Rapid   Une
Terminus   Local (Rapid service)   Une
Akō Line
Tatsuno   Special Rapid   Nishi-Aioi
Tatsuno   Local   Nishi-Aioi


On 28 October 2008 at 14:42, a person was killed at the station after climbing down from the platform onto the down shinkansen track. The person was hit by the non-stop Nozomi 25 service.[1]


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