Aioi Bridge

The Aioi Bridge (相生橋, aioi hashi) is an unusual "T"-shaped three-way bridge in Hiroshima, Japan. The original bridge, constructed in 1932, was the aiming point for the 1945 Hiroshima atom bomb because its shape was easily recognized from the air. Although the bridge was not destroyed by the atomic blast, it did sustain heavy damage. After the war, the bridge was repaired and remained in service for nearly four decades, before it was replaced by a new bridge (built as a replica) in 1983. A surviving portion of a floor girder from the original bridge was subsequently donated to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum.

The modern reconstructed Aioi Bridge
The area around ground zero after the Hiroshima bombing. The "T"-shaped Aioi Bridge is visible near the center.
Photograph of the original Aioi Bridge from above, illustrating its T shape.
The original Aioi Bridge

The longest part of the bridge crosses the Ōta River just to the north of the island containing the district of Nakajima-cho [ja]. The downstroke of the "T" links the main bridge to the island, and is also the north entrance to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park.


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Coordinates: 34°23′47″N 132°27′09″E / 34.3964°N 132.4526°E / 34.3964; 132.4526