Ain-Diab Circuit

The Ain-Diab Circuit (Arabic: دارة عين الذئاب, romanizedDāra ʿAyn aḏ-Ḏiʾāb) was a Formula One road circuit built in 1957, southwest of Ain-Diab in Morocco, using the existing coast road and the main road from Casablanca to Azemmour that ran through the Sidi Abderhaman forest.[1] Prior to 1957, the Anfa Circuit and the Agadir circuit were used for the Moroccan Grand Prix.

Ain-Diab Circuit
LocationAin-Diab, Casablanca-Settat, Morocco
Time zoneGMT
Coordinates33°34′43″N 7°41′15″W / 33.57861°N 7.68750°W / 33.57861; -7.68750Coordinates: 33°34′43″N 7°41′15″W / 33.57861°N 7.68750°W / 33.57861; -7.68750
Major eventsFormula One
Moroccan Grand Prix (1958)
Temporary Road Course (1957–1958)
Length7.603 km (4.724 miles)
Race lap record2:22.5 - 119.343 mph (United Kingdom Stirling Moss, Vanwall VW 5, 1958[1], F1)

The 4.724 miles (7.603 km) course was designed by the Royal Automobile Club of Morocco and given a full blessing from Sultan Mohammed V.[1] It took six weeks to construct.[1][2] The site hosted a non-championship F1 race in 1957.[3] On 19 October 1958 the course was the venue for the 1958 Moroccan Grand Prix,[2][4] the final round in the 1958 Formula One season.[5] It was won by Stirling Moss driving a Vanwall,[4][6] completing the 53 laps in 2h 09m 15.1s.[5] Mike Hawthorn driving a Ferrari 246 finished second and in doing so became the first British Formula One World Champion.

During the race, the engine on the Vanwall of Stuart Lewis-Evans seized and the car spun and crashed. He was fatally burned,[1][2] dying in hospital in England eight days later.[7]


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