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Ailama or Ahlama (Georgian: აილამა, აჰლამა) is a peak in the central part of the Svaneti section of the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range, located in the Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti region of Georgia, at the source of the river Koruldashi. The lower slopes are covered with alpine and sub alpine meadows, while the upper slopes have glacial landscapes. There is a mountaineering camp named "Ailama" at the base of the mountain's southern slope.[1]

Zagari pass, view to the east, mountains Ailama and Curungol (Oct 2015).jpg
Highest point
Elevation 4,547 m (14,918 ft)
Coordinates 42°57′26″N 43°10′47″E / 42.9572°N 43.1796°E / 42.9572; 43.1796Coordinates: 42°57′26″N 43°10′47″E / 42.9572°N 43.1796°E / 42.9572; 43.1796
Ailama is located in Georgia
Location on a map of Georgia
Location Svaneti, Georgia
Parent range Caucasus Mountains
First ascent 1889
Easiest route basic snow/ice climb


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