Aikoku Kōtō

The Aikoku Kōtō (愛国公党, "Public Party of Patriots") was a political party in Meiji-period Japan.

Public Party of Patriots
FoundedJanuary 1874

The Aikoku Kōtō was formed in January 1874 by Itagaki Taisuke, Etō Shinpei, Gotō Shōjirō and others as part of the Freedom and People's Rights Movement. Its purpose was to petition the Meiji government to establish a national assembly. Fearing arrest after the failed Saga Rebellion, Itagaki disbanded it soon after its foundation.

However, Itagaki revived the party in the 1890s, and it later merged with the Jiyutō.

The Aikoku Kōtō can be regarded as the first political party in Japan. It should not be confused with the Aikokusha movement or with later ultranationalist movements with similar names.

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