The Aigiōhashi Bridge (愛岐大橋, Aigi ōhashi) is a truss bridge over the Kiso River in Japan. It is an iron beam bridge which connects Kakamigahara in the Gifu Prefecture with Inuyama in the Aichi Prefecture. The bridge is part of Aichi-Gifu Prefectural Route 17, known as the Kōnanseki Route. The bridge is an essential link in the route from Nagoya and Komaki in Aichi Prefecture to Kakamigahara, Seki, and Gujō in Gifu Prefecture. Because there are no other bridges for 4 kilometres (2.5 mi) up- or downstream, the bridge is generally congested all day. The bridge was closed for a time in 1999 for maintenance.

Aigioohashi Bridge
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Aigiōhashi Bridge
Coordinates35°22′41″N 136°53′14″E / 35.3781°N 136.8871°E / 35.3781; 136.8871Coordinates: 35°22′41″N 136°53′14″E / 35.3781°N 136.8871°E / 35.3781; 136.8871
CarriesAutomobile and pedestrian traffic
CrossesKiso River
LocaleGifu - Aichi Prefectural border
MaterialIron beam, concrete
Total length610.4 metres (2,003 ft)
Width8.1 metres (27 ft)
No. of spans9
Piers in water5
Opened1930 (foot traffic)
1969 (vehicular traffic)
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The Aigiōhashi Bridge was featured in Eiji Okuda's film A Long Walk (長い散歩, Nagai Sanpo), which was at the Montreal World Film Festival.