Ahn Sung-ki

Ahn Sung-ki (born January 1, 1952[1]) is a South Korean actor. One of the country's most respected actors, he has appeared in more than 130 films during his career of over 60 years.[2][3]

Ahn Sung-ki
190626 안성기.jpg
Ahn Sung-ki in June 2019
Born (1952-01-01) January 1, 1952 (age 69)
Seoul, South Korea
Alma materHankuk University of Foreign Studies
Korea University Graduate School
Years active1957–present
Spouse(s)Oh So-yeong (1985–present)
Korean name
Revised RomanizationAn Seong-gi
McCune–ReischauerAn Sŏngki

Life and careerEdit

A Roman Catholic,[4] he was born in Seoul, South Korea and grew up as a child actor - graduating Kyundong junior high school, from which Cho Yong-pil also graduated - appearing in director Kim Ki-young's celebrated film The Housemaid (1960).[5] Starting from the 1980s, he appeared in nearly 100 movies. He was a later graduate of the Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. Because of his ability to speak several foreign languages, UNICEF appointed Ahn as a representative, and his image is often seen in advertisements on planes travelling to Korea. He acted twice as the President of South Korea in the movies the Romantic President (2002) and Hanbando (2006).

He had military service after graduating from university as an artillery officer (first lieutenant, 1974 ~ 1976) which he volunteered for.[citation needed]

In 2008 he received the Nikkei Asia Prize in Culture and Community.[6]

On 23 June 2012, Ahn and Lee Byung-hun became some of the first Korean actors to leave their hand and foot prints on the forecourt of Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, Los Angeles. He was recommended by the Korean Film Producers Association for his body of work.[7]


Year Title[8] Role
1957 Twilight Train
1958 The Lullaby
A Mother's Love Sin-ho (as a child)
The Tears
The First Snow
1959 A Sister's Garden
Defiance of a Teenager
A Long Affection
Even Love is Passing
1960 A Tragedy on Earth
Over The Hill
The Housemaid Chang-sun
A Love History Seok-jae
Mother Earth
1961 Don't Worry, Mother!
My Sister Is a Hussy
A Dream of Fortune
1962 As Time Passes, Love and Sorrow Will... child
A Salaryman
Bravo, Young Ones! child
Only for You
1963 A Winter Vagabond
The Overbridge of Hyeonhae Strait
The Wife and the Woman
Angry Cosmos child
1964 The Apron
The Teacher with Ten Daughters
Just Watch What We Do and See
1965 A Legend of Urchins
The Nickname of the Student
44 Myeongdong
1966 Yeraehyang
1967 The White Crow
1977 The Soldier and the Girls
1978 The Third Mission
1979 Night Markets
1980 A Fine, Windy Day Doek-bae
1981 Mandala Beop-un
A Dwarf Launches a Little Ball Yeong-su
Children of Darkness Tae-bong
1982 Another's Nest
Village in the Mist Kae-cheol
People in the Slum Ju-seok
Come Unto Down Mr. Sung
Polluted Ones
Iron Men
1983 Lying Like Grass
The Flower at the Equator
1984 Whale Hunting Min-woo
The Deep, Deep Place
Between the Knees Cho-bin
Warm It Was That Winter Il-hwan
1985 Whale Hunting 2
Deep Blue Night Baek Ho-bin
Eoudong Gal-mae
1986 Hwang Jin-yi
Lee Jang-ho's Baseball Team Hye-sung
Moonlight Hunter Jeong-ho
Winter Wanderer
1987 Our Joyful Young Days Kim Young-min
Hello God Kim Byung-tae
1988 Chilsu and Mansu Mansu
The Age of Success Kim Pan-chok
Gagman Lee Jeong-se
1990 Nambugun Lee Tae
The Dream Jo Shin
1991 Stairways of Heaven Kim Yeong-kyun
Teenage Love Song Jae-chil
Berlin Report Seong-min
Who Saw the Dragon's Toenail? Choi Jong-su
1992 White Badge Han Ki-ju
Blue in You Lee Ho-suk
1993 Two Cops Jo Hyeong-sa
To the Starry Island Kim Cheol
1994 The Eternal Empire Jeong Ju
The Taebaek Mountains Kim Boem-u
Mom, the Star, and the Sea Anemone Choi Seon-jang
Affliction of Man
1995 The Hair Dresser Henri Park
Declaration of Genius Lee Sang-han
1996 Festival Lee Jun-seop
The Adventure of Mrs. Park Mr. X
Sleeping Man Takuji
1998 Alien (Taekwondo) Kim
Bedroom and Courtroom Myeong Seong-ki
Spring in My Hometown Seong-min's father
The Soul Guardians Park Shin-bu
Art Museum by the Zoo In-gong
1999 Nowhere to Hide Chang Seong-min
Black Hole Na
Andante Cantabile No Gwa-jang
2000 Truth Game Jo Geom-sa
Kilimanjaro Beon-ge
Musa Jin-rib
2001 The Last Witness Hwang Seok
My Beautiful Girl, Mari Gyeong-min (voice)
2002 Chi-hwa-seon Kim Byeong-moon
The Romantic President President Han Min-wook
2003 Silmido Jae-hyeon
Mr. Lady
2004 The Bad Utterances narrator
Arahan Ja-woon
2005 Duelist Detective Ahn
2006 Hanbando President
A Battle of Wits Xiang Yan-zhong
Radio Star Park Min-su
2007 May 18 Heung-su
2008 My New Partner Father Kang Min-ho
The Divine Weapon King Sejong
2010 The Fair Love Hyeong-man
2011 Ari, Ari, The Korean Cinema himself
Fool narrator
Pacemaker Coach Park Seong-il
Sector 7 Lee Jeong-man
2012 Unbowed Kim Kyeong-ho
Superstar Himself (cameo)
The Tower Seo-jang
2013 Jury Seong-ki
Rough Play cameo
Top Star Kim Kyung-min
2014 Tabloid Truth Nam Jung-in
The Divine Move Ju-nim
Revivre Oh Jeong-seok
2015 Last Knights Auguste
The Hunt Mun Gi-seong
Love and... Grandfather
2018 Human, Space, Time and Human The old man
2019 The Divine Fury Father Ahn


Baeksang Arts AwardsEdit

Year Nominated work Category Result Ref.
1982 Mandala Best Actor (Film) Won [9]
1983 Village in the Mist Won
1984 Flower on the Equator Won
1985 Deep Blue Night Won
1989 The Age of Success Won
1991 Who Saw The Dragon's Toenail? Won
1994 Ahn Sung-ki Grand Prize (Film) Won
Two Cops Best Actor (Film) Won
2012 Unbowed Won
2013 N/A Achievement Award
(for Social Contributions)

Blue Dragon Film AwardsEdit

Year Nominated work Category Result Ref.
1990 Nambugun Best Lead Actor Won [10]
2001 Musa Best Supporting Actor Won [11]
2006 Radio Star Best Lead Actor
(shared with Park Joong-hoon)
Won [12]

Grand Bell AwardsEdit

Year Nominated work Category Result Ref.
1980 A Fine, Windy Day Best New Actor Won [13]
1982 Man of Iron Best Actor Won [14]
1983 Village in the Mist Won
1985 Deep Blue Night Won
1994 Two Cops Best Actor
(shared with Park Joong-hoon)
2006 N/A 50th Anniversary of Debut Award Won [15]
2007 Radio Star Best Actor Won [14]

Korean Association of Film Critics AwardsEdit

Year Nominated work Category Result Ref.
1983 Polluted Ones Best Actor Won [16]
1984 Village in the Mist Won
1994 Two Cops Won
1995 The Eternal Empire Won
1996 Festival Won
2006 Radio Star Won
2012 Unbowed Won


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