Ahmad Najafi

Ahmad Nadjafi Shoushtari (Persian: احمد نجفی شوشتری‎, born 1948 in Khorramshahr, Iran) is an Iranian actor, producer, and TV host. He has a B.A. in Economics from the Woodbury University in Burbank, California. In 1976, he entered cinema by assisting Massoud Kimiayee in Ghazal. In 1976, he founded a movie distributing company in U.S., and he was the vice-president of IRIB2, distributing manager of "Tel film". He was also the chairman of IRIB in America and the vice-president of "free film making" (Kargah Aazaad Filmsazi) studio; he has also founded "7th art" studio. He hosted the TV show "Sandali Dagh".[citation needed]

Ahmad Najafi
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He fell in love with his wife during the shooting of "Detective Alavi" in Ukraine. His wife was a translator, and as he is a serious and harsh man at work, she was mad at him. Eventually they got married, and have two sons and one daughter. He claims that around the year 1997, despite his ignorance of the reason, he was banned from working, but during the presidency of Mahmoud Ahmadi Nejad it was called off. He also nominated for the City Council of Tehran, but he couldn't get in as he didn't get the sufficient votes. During the second presidency of Ahmadi Nejad, he was assigned to the High Council of Cinema. He also appeared in the victory celebration of Ahmadi Nejad in the presidency election in 2009.

His WorksEdit

  • The Twelve Seats, 2011 Director: Esmael Barari
  • Hot Chair, 2005-2006.
  • Another place, 2002 [Director: Mehdi Karampour]
  • Light Shadow, 2001 [Director: Hassan Hedayat]
  • Killing Mad Dogs, 2000 [Director: Bahram Beyzayee]
  • The voice of love, 2000 [Director: Reza Shalchi]
  • Help me, 1997 [Director: Rasul Molagholipour]
  • Higher than Danger, 1996 [Director: Saeed Aalamzadeh]
  • Box Hotel, 1996 [Director: Cyrus Alvand]
  • Sand Storm, 1996 [Director: Djavad shaMaghadri]
  • Workshop(series), 1995 [Director: Hassan Hedayat]
  • The Last Harbour, 1994 [Director: Hassan Hedayat]
  • Fugitive, 1993 [Director: Rasul Molagholipour]
  • Tavarish, 1993 [Director: Mehdi Fakhimzadeh]
  • Crash, 1991 [Director: Cyrus Alvand]
  • Cop, 1990 [Director: Masoud Kimiay]
  • Snake Fang, 1990 [Director: Masoud Kimiay]

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