Ahmad Khan Moqaddam

Ahmad Khan Moqaddam (Persian: احمدخان مقدم) was the governor of the Iranian town of Maragheh in the early 19th-century. He had been appointed governor during the reign of king (shah) Fath-Ali Shah Qajar (r. 1797–1834), and was the first member of the Moqaddam family to govern the town. His family was supposedly originally tribal leaders from the Caucasus, and had moved to Iran in the late 18th-century. However, by the early 19th-century, the family was a settled people, possessing a great number of villages.[1]

Ahmad Khan also served as the beglarbeg (governor-general) of Tabriz and Khoy.[2] In 1806, he was installed as the khan (governor) of the Erivan Khanate by the shah. However, a year later, he was replaced by Hossein Khan Sardar.[3] In Maragheh, Ahmad Khan was succeeded by his son Hossein Pasha Khan in c. 1830.[4]


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Preceded by
Governor of Maragheh
Early 19th-century – 1830
Succeeded by
Hossein Pasha Khan
Preceded by Khan of the Erivan Khanate
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