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Agreement (political party)

Agreement (Polish: Porozumienie),[6] is a conservative and liberal conservative political party in Poland. It was founded as Alliance (Polish: Zjednoczenie) in November 2017, led by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Science and Higher Education Jarosław Gowin,[7] as an expansion of Gowin's previous party, Poland Together, before changing its name. It is allied with the ruling party of Poland, Law and Justice (PiS), as part of the informal United Right coalition,[8] and most of its MPs and Senators sit in the PiS parliamentary club.


LeaderJarosław Gowin
Vice ChairmenRobert Anacki
Magdalena Błeńska
Jadwiga Emilewicz
Zbigniew Gryglas
Marcin Ociepa
Karol Rabenda
Arkadiusz Urban
Founded4 November 2017
Preceded byPoland Together
Headquartersul. Wilcza 23 m. 29, 00-544 Warszawa
Youth wingYoung Right (Polish: Młoda Prawica)[1]
IdeologySocial conservatism[2]
Liberal conservatism[2]
Economic liberalism[3]
Christian democracy
Political positionCentre-right[2][4] to right-wing[5]
National affiliationUnited Right
European Parliament groupEuropean Conservatives and Reformists
18 / 460
2 / 100
European Parliament
1 / 51
Regional Councils
19 / 552


On October 13, 2017, Gowin announced at a press conference regarding ex-Kukiz'15 and Republican MP Magdalena Błeńska's decision to join Poland Together that it would be transformed into a new party including elements of the Republicans, former members of Janusz Korwin-Mikke's Liberty party, and local politicians at its November 4 congress.[9][10] According to Poland Together members, the decision was partly taken to strengthen Gowin's position within the United Right and to avoid confusion with the left-wing Razem party.[11] Several days later, it was revealed that the ex-Civic Platform mayor of Kalisz, Grzegorz Sapiński,[12] and the Christian Local Government Movement founded by former Łódź mayor Jerzy Kropiwnicki would also join the new party.[13] Ex-Polish People's Party senator Józef Zając joined Poland Together on October 30 in anticipation of the new party's official launch.[14]

At the November 4 Poland Together congress, the name of the new party was revealed as Porozumienie (Alliance).[15] Gowin announced that Błeńska, Zając, and ex-Modern MP Zbigniew Gryglas would join the Alliance, with Błeńska and Gryglas becoming deputy leaders,[16] as well as the creation of programmatic, local government, and economic councils to advise the leadership of the new party.[8]


The party defines itself as a "modern conservative" party, with strong emphasis on economic liberalism and reducing bureaucracy, and claims to be moderately conservative on social and cultural issues. It believes that local government should be encouraged and supported by the central government.[3]


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