Agni Putrudu

Agni Putrudu (transl. Son of Fire) is a 1987 Indian Telugu-language action film, produced by Venkat Akkineni under the Annapurna Studios banner and directed by K. Raghavendra Rao. It stars Akkineni Nageswara Rao, Akkineni Nagarjuna, Sarada, Rajani, Sivaji Ganesan and music composed by Chakravarthy. The film was screened at the International Film Festival of India in the mainstream section.[1]

Agni Putrudu
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Movie poster
Directed byK. Raghavendra Rao
Produced byVenkat Akkineni
Written byParuchuri Brothers
(story / dialogues)
Screenplay byK. Raghavendra Rao
StarringAkkineni Nageswara Rao
Akkineni Nagarjuna
Sivaji Ganesan
Music byChakravarthy
CinematographyK. S. Prakash
Edited byKotagiri Venkateswara Rao
Release date
  • 14 August 1987 (1987-08-14)
Running time
133 minutes


The film begins on Hari Hara Bharadwaja (Akkineni Nageswara Rao) an orthodox Brahmin & religious scholar leads a happy family life with his ideal wife Brahmaramba (Sarada), son Kaalidasu (Akkineni Nagarjuna) and daughters Gayatri (Jyothi) & Jahnavi (Rajitha). He believes nonviolence & humanity is greater than caste & clans and craves his son on the same path. At present, Bharadwaja attains the highest power corridor as a chieftain to a religious organization Viswachaitanya Gurukulapeetam. Parallelly, malicious Zamindar Bhupati Rayudu (Satyanarayana) sublets authority over the lands under the Peetam, by trampling tribes under his feet. Knowing it, Bharadwaja seizes his tyrant and allots the lands to the tribes. So, flared-up Bhupati decides to malice Bharadwaj clamping Deeshithulu (Gollapudi Maruti Rao) the committee member. Meanwhile, Bharadwaja takes debt from a lender Narahari (Rallapalli) to perform Jahnavi's marriage when Bhupati clutches Narahari. At the same time, Inspector Sampath Kumar (Chalapati Rao) the henchman of Bhupati molests Manga (Mucharlla Aruna) daughter of Bharadwaja's aide Srisailam (P.L.Narayana). Here, Bharadwaja files a case but the malefactor acquits with fake alibis and by the time, Manga is pregnant. Simultaneously, Bharadwaja's elder daughter Gayatri conceives when her father-in-law Govardhanam (Nutan Prasad) warns to return with his heir. Both of them deliver at once, but unfortunately, Gayatri's miscarries when panic Brahmaramba secretly replaces Manga's child. Thereafter, she divulges the reality to Bharadwaja and pleads pardon. Being cognizant of it, Bhupati conspires which makes Govardhanam furious who evades Gayatri and Jahnavi also necked out by her in-laws'.

Right now, Deeshithulu inflames and accuses Bharadwaja of contradicting the religion. Moreover, Bhupati ruses by indicting him in a theft using Narahari for which he is ostracized. Overhearing it, Manga steps to proclaim the actuality but she is slain when Bharadwaja adopts her orphan child. Howbeit enraged Kaali revolts against Narahari and sentenced. In prison, he acquainted with a rebel Chaitanya (Sivaji Ganeshan) one that a victim of Bhupati's cruelty. Before dying, he inspires and entrusts his responsibility to Kaali. Soon after his release, Bharadwaja learns aim of Kaali when a rift arises between father & son which makes Kaali leave the house. After that, Kaali mingles with the tribes and confronts Bhupati. In that process, he meets his love Usha (Rajani), daughter of Bhupati's brother. After identifying the factually she too conjoins him. Further Kaali set-rights his sisters' families. Thereafter, he kidnaps Narahari to uncover the truth. Exploiting it, Bhupati kills him and criminates Kaali. Eventually, he triggers Bharadwaja and makes him encounter Kaali where he understands his son's virtue. Suddenly, Bhupati attacks them in which Bharadwaja is seriously injured. Hence, they abscond, accordingly, Bhupati captures Bharadwaja's daughters and slaughters the baby. Spotting it, Kaali bursts out. At last, Bharadwaja loses his patience, deviates his path and eliminates Bhupati. Finally, Bharadwaja affirms Kaali that he must live for the welfare of society.



Agni Putrudu
Film score by
LabelLEO Audio
Chakravarthy chronology
Collector Gari Abbai
Agni Putrudu
Kirai Dada

The music was composed by Chakravarthy. Lyrics were written by Veturi Sundararama Murthy. Music released on LEO Audio Company.

S.No Song Title Singers length
1 "Cheerelu Vidichina" SP Balu, P. Susheela 6:04
2 "Yerra Yerrani Bugga" Mano, S. Janaki 6:00
3 "Jayaya Jaya Bhadraya" SP Balu 3:13
4 "Kamalam Kamalam" SP Balu, S. Janaki 4:09
5 "Mudduko Muddettu" SP Balu, P. Susheela 5:06
5 "Hrudaya Dhamarukam" SP Balu, P. Susheela 4:57


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