Agnez Mo (album)

Agnez Mo, stylized as AGNEZ MO, is the fourth studio album by Indonesian singer Agnez Mo. The self-titled album introduced her new stage name, which previously known as 'Agnes Monica'. It was originally recorded as her demo CD which was sent out to record labels in the US in order to secure a record deal for her US debut. Although the tracks are in English, she secured a deal with Indomaret and Kopi Kapal Api to release the demo tracks to the Indonesian market only. The album was released digitally on 1 June 2013 [1] by Entertainment Inc., via Souniq Music, a new music application in Southeast Asia region.[2][3][4]

Agnez Mo
Agnez Mo.jpg
Studio album by
Released1 June 2013
GenreR&B, Pop, Dance, Electronica,
LabelEntertainment Inc.
ProducerTearce Kizzo
Agnez Mo chronology
Agnes Is My Name
Agnez Mo


The first single, "Walk", was released on 1 June 2013 with simPATI, and peaked at number one on the Rolling Stone Indonesia.[5] "Walk" was also used as soundtrack for "Simpati" Telkomsel.[6] The video clip project of "Walk with simPATI" has been involved extensively in the manufacture of various communities this video. About video clip project uploaded on 20 June 2013 via YouTube has been viewed more than 2.2 million.[7] => Agnez Mo - Karena Ku Sanggup [OST Aluna RCTI]

Music videoEdit

Music video of "Walk" was released. This music video was made with various videos uploaded from many of her fans as the background who have co-participated in the project of making the music video "Walk" by uploading videos on the website Telkomsel. The official music video of "Walk" can be watched on YouTube [8]

Track listingEdit

Souniq Music Apps., Digital Download Version
1."Hide & Seek"Agnes Monica, Francesca Maeondra Richard, Vincent Romane ShawTearce Kizzo03.48
2."Walk"Monica, H2OLife, RichardTearce Kizzo03.20
3."Bad Girl"Monica, Richard, ShawTearce Kizzo03.55
4."Flyin' High"Monica, RichardTearce Kizzo02.53
5."Got Me Figured Out"Monica, Justin Truggman, RichardTearce Kizzo03.48
6."Things Will Get Better"Monica, Corey Chorus, RichardTearce Kizzo04.07
7."Renegade"Monica, Wizz Dumb, Richard, Tierce A. PersonTearce Kizzo03.23
8."Be Brave"Monica, Timbaland, Wizz Dumb, RichardTearce Kizzo03.49
9."Let's Fall in Love Again"Monica, Truggman, RichardTearce Kizzo03.17
10."Shut 'Em Up"Monica, H2OLife, Kizzo, RichardTearce Kizzo02.55
Total length:35.19
Indomaret Released CD Version
1."Walk"Agnes Monica, H2Olife, Francesca Maeondra RichardTearce Kizzo03.13
2."Renegade"Monica, Wizz Dumb, Richard, Tierce A. PersonTearce Kizzo03.17
3."Bad Girl"Monica, Richard, Vincent Romane ShawTearce Kizzo03.49
4."Let's Fall in Love Again"Monica, Justin Truggman, RichardTearce Kizzo03.11
5."Be Brave"Monica, Timbaland, Wizz Dumb, RichardTearce Kizzo03.45
6."Flyin' High"Monica, RichardTearce Kizzo02.50
7."Shut 'Em Up"Monica, H2OLife, Kizzo, RichardTearce Kizzo02.52
8."Hide & Seek"Monica, Richard, ShawTearce Kizzo03.41
9."Got Me Figured Out"Monica, Truggman, RichardTearce Kizzo03.44
10."Things Will Get Better"Monica, Corey Chorus, RichardTearce Kizzo04.04
11."Let's Fall in Love Again (alt. Vocal) [Bonus Track]"Monica, Truggman, RichardTearce Kizzo03.10
Total length:37.41


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