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Aglaurus (/əˈɡlɔːrəs/; Ancient Greek: Ἄγλαυρος) or Agraulus (/əˈɡrɔːləs/; Ancient Greek: Ἄγραυλος) is a name attributed to three figures in Greek mythology.

  • Aglaurus, daughter of Actaeus, king of Athens. She married Cecrops and became the mother of Erysichthon, Aglaurus (see below), Herse, and Pandrosus.[1][2]
  • Aglaurus, daughter of Cecrops, who was driven to suicide for ignoring a warning from the goddess Athena.[3]
  • Aglaurus, daughter of an incestuous relationship between Erectheus and his daughter Procris.[4] Aglaurus is also known as Aglauros (most commonly), Aglaulos, Agraulus, Agravlos, or Agraulos. Agraulos ("countryside flute") was probably the original form of the name, with the r and l commonly switched to produce the prevalent Aglauros form.


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